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Cancer Men Behaviour In Relationship Situations

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You’re here, I imagine because you’re interested in understanding the kind of person a Zodiac Cancer sign guy is. Especially, of course, the kind of characteristics is likely to display when in a relationship or the lead up to a relationship. Quick answer-be prepared! Be prepared because the cancer man is one of the most complex personalities in the astrological firmament. On one level, romantic, soft and touchingly indecisive, this is a sign that also has a hard protective shell when needed and can generate confusion and uncertainty in a relationship situation. We going to go on to discuss the characteristics of this guy as a partner, husband and lover in more detail and equip you with the tools you need to pursue your cancer man with a degree of confidence and understanding. Light the blue touch paper, it’s time to unwrap this interesting love astrology sign in much more detail!

The Cancer Man’s Character Romantically, When Dating Or Under Relationship Strain

What, you may be asking yourself, can I expect from a cancer guy in a romantic relationship? To start with you must understand the contradictory nature of the Cancerian character which can make the men of this sign devoted and caring while at the same time defensive and protective of themselves. So remember that these men can be tender, loving and very considerate to the partner they love. Don’t, however, forget the hard shell that a crab has under clause it will use to protect itself if under attack!
These men are very much tuned to their own emotions and are particularly well suited to romantic relationships and fatherhood. They can be deeply sensitive individuals but, by the same token, can be easily offended or hurt. You must tread carefully with this sign because if you hurt him too deeply you may well not get another opportunity. Avoid this pitfall, however, and your crab man will be loyal and true.

If you’re wondering how to catch your cancer man then these pointers may help you. However, here are some key things to make note of;

* This is a guy who values loyalty extremely highly! This is not a man who takes well to being hurt by a partner and can become very defensive if such an event occurs. If you are disloyal to the sky in some way, even perhaps minor, it won’t be forgotten. That hard crab shell will slot into place and although things may move forward, the relationship may never be quite the same as it used to be.
* This sign can be very emotional and sensitivity is a key character trait. You will need to understand this and be prepared to support this feature of cancer man’s character. It may even at times seem to be very clingy but if you’re serious about a relationship with this guy and make sure you’re supportive of his sensitive nature and dreamy view of relationships.
* Mood swings are a strong characteristic in this sign! because Cancerians feel emotions strongly and deeply you will find over time that these will come to the surface. Moodiness is something you will need to come to terms with and it should never be disregarded in this emotional zodiac sign. This guy wants to be taken care of and taken notice of when Moody so you will need to strike the right balance of support and giving him non-inquisitive space
* Another trait associated with this zodiac sign is possessiveness. This is someone who wants to protect and lay claim to so you will need to come to terms fairly early on about how you feel in this respect. You may find you love the idea of a male cherishing and protecting or you may find it suffocating and at odds with how you feel about yourself. Interestingly, the reverse situation is somewhat different. A cancer man will not like possessive women and this can be particularly difficult with the cancer guys mother (to whom they are generally very close).
* This guy is likely to be a traditionalist and when looking for a life partner will be looking for a homemaker and mother ultimately. You will be very rapidly switched off by a modern, highly feminist woman. While he respects independence in a woman he is looking for one that can be the homemaker.
* This is one of life’s romantics and when this guy is looking for a partner he is looking for someone who will match him in that respect. He loves kind women, softly spoken and fond of children. In other words a match for his romantic view of life.

Are you keen to bag a Cancer guy or do you have your eye on a potential mate of this sign? Keep this checklist handy;

Here Are the Key YES points;

YES Let him feel he can be protective towards you and take the lead in many things. Do exert your own independence occasionally though, just to make sure he doesn’t get too far ahead of himself!
YES Don’t be afraid of making romantic gestures toward him. The incurably romantic Crab will love this side of your character.
YES Dress in line with the latest fashions but dress to be classy. Aim to look your best when at home and out with this guy.
YES For an early win, make sure you ask him a lot about his family (especially his mother). Showing early on that you are very family orientated is a surefire winner with this sign.
YES If you are a homely type then you will do well with this man. He is very home and family orientated. if you are a party animal who loves to slap on the makeup then this is probably not the guy for you. Homeliness (and potential homemaker) is the key.

Here are the main NO’s;

NO If you’re a party animal then this guy won’t feel comfortable with you. Extroverts will find the Cancer man is put off by loudness and public display.
NO Do not under any circumstances show a tendency for possessiveness! The cancer guy will love attention but there is a fine line between attention and appearing possessive. This is an area you will have to get right to succeed.
NO As previously noted, this sign is a traditionalist and values his roots. He will not be impressed by women who don’t value tradition.
NO Disloyalty and betrayal are simply out of the question! You may inadvertently come across that way so take special care to make sure you don’t. While you may be forgiven it won’t be forgotten.
NO If you feel strongly attracted to this guy, don’t throw yourself at him whatever you do. Cancerian men must be coaxed out of their shell so time and patience are key to building a lasting relationship with this zodiac sign.

What is it that will attract a Cancer man?

Cancer man in love

Winning attraction

What, then, are the attributes that will attract a man of the crab sign? Firstly, it’s important to understand that this is a guide likely to be looking for romance with a potential future. One night stands are not for this man so you’re interested in him you should be open to the potential of the long-term. Because this sign is attracted to classy and caring women you will need to be assertive in a feminine way but absolutely not pushy. You will need to turn on the charm because this guy is unlikely to chase you so you will need to take the initiative. A good place to start with this sign is simply by making friends and taking your time to get to know him and some of the characteristics he will exhibit like those mentioned earlier. It’s also a chance to get to know his family which, as we said, is very important to him. So take it slowly but also be prepared to take the lead in moving the relationship to the next level when it feels right. Be direct in telling him how you feel and what you’d like but try not to come across as overly pushy. in the early stages try not to be over inquisitive. Let him open up to you as he feels he can trust you, be attentive, be tactile and always try to show a genuine interest in conversation with him. This will start the relationship ball rolling.

With women, what do Cancer males like the most?

The cancer man loves a family orientated, classy, homely and interesting woman. If you are employed don’t be afraid of talking about your career with him he will appreciate that you are financially independent and have plans for the future. Talk about your family and ask about his family as this will play to his Cancerian traits of homemaking and long-term secure commitments that are family-based. He will appreciate you being nice to friends and, especially, his family. try not to object to his need to be protective but do push back nicely if you find this is overdone. He will appreciate that you are assertive but not overly so while he can still exercise his need to be a gallant knight protector. It will do you no harm if you show occasional vulnerability as he will take this as a sign of trust and respect.

Cancer Man and commitment

This is a zodiac sign that looks for a partner who is empathic and in touch with their emotional being. It’s perhaps not surprising, then, that this guy looks for a partner who can talk about anything. We also highlighted his need for security and support, especially when he’s not in the best of places. So the sign will very much appreciate someone who is sympathetic and selfless much like themselves. Tapping to these core needs and you will find this guy is a committed and reliable romantic who will cherish and adore you for the long haul.

Marriage and the Cancer Guy

If you are looking for a devoted and committed husband and father then you normally won’t do much better than the family loving cancer guy. This man loves the idea of a secure, happy marriage with children who he will love and take pride in parenting. In marriage, these men our empathetic, protective and highly devoted to their spouse. At heart, they are great romantics and love sentimentality. This guy will cherish his marriage giving a great basis. He loves the idea of providing a protective and loving environment for both his spouse and his children. This is a home loving man, a hands-on father but one who believes often that only he knows what is best for the family!

Note, however, that with all the positivity about, this is a man who can be moody, occasionally poor at communication and decidedly temperamental sometimes. you can easily flit between moodiness and whingeing to gushing sentimentality so be prepared these types of swings. Be aware that this guy is best with a wife who understands and empathises with his point of view and can reassure and offer an understanding of his moodiness. This guy requires quite a lot of attention and understanding in a successful marriage.

As we’ve noted above, the zodiac Cancer guy loves his birth family and often his Mother most of all. You won’t be surprised to hear that this man will often look for similar traits and a wife to those of his mother (assuming he has had a good relationship with his mum). He will be on the lookout at a subliminal level for a future spouse who can fill mums very big shoes so it goes without saying that a good relationship with the mother-in-law is essential.

As a father, this zodiac sign is normally very good indeed. A lover of children, this guy takes great pride and puts in a great effort, to the parenting of the children. He loves tradition, family outings and is a big softy. He really wants to make them happy and will put great effort into achieving this. Note that this can extend into a bit of a mother hen situation so don’t hold back on reminding him he may be going a bit OTT! As a general observation, it’s worth noting that this guy is often better with his children when they are younger and more easily managed.

Key Take away: Be prepared for sudden mood swings and be ready to empathise and understand when they happen.

Going Out With A Cancer Zodiac Man

What, you may ask, should I be aware of when I’m dating a cancer guy? Firstly, it will serve you well if you set out with the aim of getting along with everyone he knows, especially the women in his family. If they don’t approve of you then you have a problem because this guy will take a lot of notice of what the ladies of the family think. Be on your best behaviour around the family and especially around his mother. Secondly, this man loves intimacy, romance and closeness. You will find he is very open to you being tactile and nice cuddle will never be rebuffed.
Tread cautiously when out in public because one thing you will never want to do is embarrass this guy or put him on the spot. It’s always best with controversial or sensitive matters to follow up with him when it’s just the two of you. Make sure also that you do your best not to get angry in public or have a moan at somebody. This is a person that does not might conflict and friction so do your best to keep your own emotions under control when out and in a difficult situation.

What does Cancer man like in bed

* Be ready to make the first move and take the initiative when in the bedroom. This guy will love you taking control.
* Always be prepared for an extra special evening of romance. A romantic at heart this man will appreciate any efforts in setting a romantic tone.
* Don’t be frightened of showing him how wild you can be. He loves a woman who bosses in the bedroom.
* With a love of pampering, he will appreciate sensual massages from with a nice oil.
* Be submissive occasionally because although this guy likes to be bossed he also likes to take control occasion. He loves the idea of possessing you in the bedroom and occasions like this definitely turn him on!
* This guy loves femininity and no better place than the bedroom
* Dirty talk will go down a storm with this man and he will beg for much much more.
* If you’re looking to be particularly naughty and be prepared for an occasional encounter in public with your Cancer man. This doesn’t mean he wants you to be seen but will love the idea you just might be!

Are Cancer males jealous types?

In brief, yes they are! These zodiac men can be overprotective, possessive, clingy and, yes, quite jealous. The good news is that this will probably not be the case that often. Will you be able to notice your guys jealous? It will be hard because this is a sign that likes to bottle up jealousy which is not good news. You will need to work out very early on whether your guy is behaving in a jealous way or not. look for signs such as him going quiet, being uninterested in talking about other guys or alternatively asking you a lot of questions (while obviously not believing any answers you give them). Remember that this guy as a young boy deep down so plenty of attention and empathy with kind words and obvious understanding will help soothe the Cancer beast.

Breakups with Cancer guys

Breaking up with the Cancer man can be particularly difficult because he has a way of appealing to your greatest needs and personal insecurities. Because deep down these men are quite needy and clingy, this is not a guy who can easily let you go. Your best tactic if looking to break up with this zodiac sign is to continue to be nice but try to move the relationship into a more friendship based situation. In addition, see if you can introduce him to his next relationship (because he will be open to an immediate switch if the right opportunity comes along) if you can introduce him to his next potential partner and then step back you will find this is very much a good thing for you.
If you have been unfaithful then you can expect this man to react with a high level of jealousy and hurt because of his sensitive nature. You will have to judge if this is the situation how best to go forward and whether telling your cancer guy suits what you want next.

How to get Cancer man back

Cancer breakups sad lady

Missing him?

If it does come to a breakup with this guy and you want him back then you have to play the right game. Firstly you will need to leave him alone as much as you can initially. He must not bombard him with contacts because he needs the time and space to realise how much he’s missing you. If you give him a chance to think about you then he will often get back in touch within a week or two. At most, perhaps a brief message right after the breakup saying how much you miss him and how sad you are (with an apology if you were to blame). After that, however, you need to keep your distance. Remember that he won’t have forgotten you so give him a chance to realise that he still wants you.

I have to say, however, that these men don’t forgive and forget easily. He may not be slow in finding someone else to have fun with in order to maintain the sympathy, romance, and pain relief you have been providing up until now. Don’t let this put you off, however, there is a good chance of winning this man back as long as you don’t overplay contact after a breakup.