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What Are Aquarius Men Like Romatically

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Many of the most common questions I get asked by female clients revolve around understanding what their current partner, dater or possible future love interest is like. More specifically, how will they behave both romantically and when the partnership comes under strain. If you’ve looked at this site then you know that I have spent many, many years looking at how astrology patterns and the zodiac sign someone is born under may contribute to their behaviour in relationships. This article aims to provide some answers on the subject that might be helpful. Understanding your partner or someone you’d like to have a relationship with, is a key life skill. Star sign analysis alone won’t answer every question, nor explain every nuance of a particular male’s romantic behaviour but can help tremendously in a big picture sense. Here then are my thoughts on the subject for this astrology sign as I attempt to answer perhaps the biggest questions of all – what is an Aquarius man like in love? How do you win his heart?

Understanding Aquarius Male Behaviour When Dating, In Love and Breaking Up

What can you expect from your Aquarian partner or love prospect, you may be asking? A good place to begin is understanding your man’s character and the drivers that compel him to act in certain ways. I have discussed this guy’s character elsewhere but the key factors to appreciate are;

  • He has a tendency towards independence and getting used to this will be a challenge. Along with the stubbornness of course. The approach is to aim for friendship first and let deeper connections follow in their own time. Don’t try to rush this man or you may find that desire for independence kicks in big time.
  • These people are often said to have ‘Detachment Issues’ and you may find they push you away on occasion. They find it hard to convey their more sensitive emotions (or rather are reluctant too) which can mean they come across as aloof, occasionally cold and somewhat distant at times. You have to play the long game here if you want to snare your man.
  • Intelligence, wit and conversation are important too him and he considers these qualities a core part of his personality. be prepared for smart discussions, fiery debates and intellectual duels.
  • This person can be unpredictable (this is perhaps, the most unpredictable sign of the Zodiac) so be prepared to accept that you won’t be able to guess his intentions, desires or goals early in any romance. Indeed, it will take a period of true friendship, loyalty, faithfulness and trust that grows with it, before you will get to see his true romantic personality.
  • This guy may well have boundless energy and enthusiasm for life and the things that affect life, both for himself and those he cares about.

So if you are looking to develop a relationship or start one with the Aquarius male then bear these things in mind;

Here are the main DO’s

DO go into any relationship prepared to respect his privacy and need to be independent and doing his own thing as part of the relationship.

DO aim to have good, quality conversation as a couple and be prepared to speak intently about his interests (find out early what they are and read up)

DO be prepared for detachment issues that will drive you crazy (many say this is the most infuriating aspect of a relationship with this zodiac sign

DO be prepared for unpredictable behaviour when you don’t expect it

DO expect to be very energetic in any pursuit you follow together. Couch potatoes are not for this man.

Here are the main DON’T’s

DON’T try hurry any potential relationship. Aim for friendship and achieving the role of principle and trusted friend in his life

DON’T come across as needy and complaining, especially early on. Remember, he will, even if unconsciously, be analysing you and if you don’t pass that analysis then don’t expect things to last.

DON’T Expect him to have feelings early on, nor show them easily when he has them. This sign shows love only after a long dance.

DON’T tell him what you think he wants to hear. Defend you point of view and debate disagreements – he will respect you for it.

What Attracts Aquarius Men?

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So you are wondering how to attract Aquarius men and win their heart? Good question and part of the answer is covered above. Let’s look in more detail at some of the important areas of attraction for this astrology sign.

What will attract Aquarius guys towards you

Being an individual will always stand you in good stead with this man, whatever stage of a romantic connection you are at. Express your own views and debate your beliefs. You can always agree to disagree but never just roll over because you think that is what he wants to hear. Inspirational thinking will impress him and he will find it hugely attractive. Go the other way and you risk triggering his manipulative nature that he reserves for those he doesn’t respect. He may not agree with your views but if you are passionate, intelligent and forthright about your beliefs then you will gain huge respect. Being a supportive and calm individual without being pushy is also a great attraction factor to the Aquarian temperament. Striking a balance is key here and you will have time early in a relationship to work him out. Don’t waste it.

What do Aquarius men like in a woman

We’ve already covered this above but if I might offer a final thought. It is that if you manage to sustain the relationship you will have a wonderfully committed, loyal, fun partner. Respect his need for space and you will achieve a mutually fulfilling connection for you both.

Key Take away: Remember that males born under this zodiac sign seek balance and support from their partners. Achieve both of these and you will be well on your way ladies.

Dating An Aquarius Man

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The challenge of Aquarius

Those that have dated Aquarius men will tell you it can be a challenge and the detachment aspect is almost universally the most irritating. When wondering about your compatibility with this sign, take note of the following;

What are the signs an Aquarius guy likes you?

The first sign will be that they enjoy your company and want to spend time with you. This means they’ve analysed you and you’ve passed. You will also find that as your friendship grows, they will demonstrate their trust by revealing their vulnerability and opening up to you more and more. Play it calmly if they do and don’t see it as a sign to put your foot on the relationship throttle pedal. Another good indicator of growing fondness for you will be how willing they are to be kissed. Some Aquarians find kissing difficult so if they are prepared to kiss then that’s often a big tick. Remember, these relationships move at a slower pace than those with other signs so watch for growing trust and loyalty and him taking the initiative…but not quickly.

What does Aquarius man like in bed

  • His pet love is playful and slow massaging treatment of his calf and ankles in bed
  • Slow then energetic play and then lovemaking hit the spot with this sign
  • Your lips are your most valuable asset – make good use of them in bed
  • Teasing temptation will always score you points
  • Take the initiative and tell him what you want – remember, strong and independent
  • Costumes used occasionally will prove and undeniable treat and spice up your sessions tremendously

Is It true That Aquarius man Will Ignore You?

Yes, broadly this can be true (on occasion) and comes from the character traits that your Aquarian has. Remember his need for individuality and space. He may occasionally disappear for days on end and will interpret any attempt to find him as you being needy and pushy. These are times to focus on your own life, friends and interests so don’t go into an Aquarian relationship prepared to give up your anything – you will need to fall back on these interests when the ignoring thing kicks in. Indeed you must because any attempt to exert perceive ‘ownership’ over him by complaining and pressing him will end in tears.

Break Ups With Aquarius Guys

Do Aquarius men come back after a breakup

That depends on how you handle yourself and the breakup event when or if it happens. Remember, Aquarius man has got used to independence so perhaps more than most signs the task of getting him back could prove a long and difficult one. Not insurmountable though as you will see.

How to get Aquarius man back

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Do you want him back?

You will find things difficult because these men have no trouble in closing you down and cutting you off if things go sour ad they have lost interest. You will need to steel yourself because you may well feel wretched when this happens….and this is not the easiest sign to deal with as I’ve mentioned above. You will ask yourself if you really want him back and how you now feel, so you will have to have resolve if the answer is ‘Yes’ and, if not, then lose him.

Start by looking at the past relationship and ask yourself if you put your Aquarian in situations they were uncomfortable with, people they didn’t like? Once this is done then remember that your friendship may well still be important to this guy. Aim to have a friend-to-friend chat and be prepared to put it all out there. Remember also that they want a relationship with an equal so approach this get together on that basis. be prepared to pull back to friendship status for a while if that is what they want. You’ve got to be in it to win it and a partial reset will give you the best chance of retrieving the relationship and his feelings if no cheat has happened with another party (and you should ask right off if it has).

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