Astrology – A Short Cut to True Love

Many people have trouble finding someone that they feel they are compatible with. Someone might seem okay at first, but further in a relationship things turn sour and you learn things you wish you would have known in the beginning. The ancient art of astrology could help you narrow down your choices as to who might be compatible so you do not waste any more time in relationships destined to turn out badly. A love astrology compatibility chart is the first step to finding out if he or she has what it takes to be “the one.”

The esoteric theory behind zodiac analysis is that at your moment of birth you are imprinted with certain types of planetary influences based on the position of the planets in the heavens. While this might seem very hokey to some, astrology has proven very effective for a lot of people, and a statistician who attempted to prove it was nonsense actually ended up demonstrating the opposite. You are probably most familiar with “sun sign astrology” which can be found in tabloids everywhere. However, real astrology analysis is much deeper.

In astrology, the sun is one of many heavenly bodies analysed, even though it is the most important. Each planet represents a different archetype, and those archetypes take on specific significances when they travel through 12 different regions of space corresponding to the signs of the zodiac. Note that in conventional tropical astrology these do not exactly align with the constellations as most people think (For example, Ares is aligned with the spring equinox, not the constellation of the same name). The sky is also divided up into 12 houses based on the sign on the horizon at the time of birth, with each house representing a specific aspect of one’s life.

In a love compatibility chart, one will compare the positions of the planets in the sky at the time of the birth of both individuals. One thing that will be looked at is if any of the planetary characteristics of the two people conflict or complement each other. For example, a person whose sun sign is in Capricorn (characterized by practicality) could very well complement someone with a sun sign in Cancer (which is charactered by being more family-centric).

These comparisons are only a starting point. The real value of a love astrology compatibility chart is in looking at the various aspects formed between the planets that could represent significant synergies or conflicts. These are by far the most powerful tools an astrologer has in assessing compatibility. Planets in conjunction or 120 degrees from each other are considered favourable aspects while those at right angles or across from each other are often considered favourable. An example of a very positive sign in a chart would be to see one person’s Mars forming a 120-degree aspect of another’s Venus.

Once an astrologer has examined all the aspects and all the other various influences in a chart, he can come up with an overall hypothesis as to whether the relationship will work or not. Please note, that it is very rare for any compatibility chart to be perfect, as often there will be negative aspects along with positive aspects. However, the more aspects of a chart people have going for them, the greater the probability that things are likely to work out in the future. If, per chance, you find that rare person where everything in the chart happens to point in the positive direction, you just might have found your soul mate.

Having an astrology create and analyse a love astrology compatibility chart can be a great way of pre-qualifying a given person before taking a relationship further. By weeding out the bad apples up front using this ancient science, you can potentially shorten your path to finding true love.