How To Attract A Sagittarius Man

The Archer sign

Sagittarius symbol

Be careful with the Sagittarius man. He enjoys the chase, but once he has got the prize, he may well lose interest and start another chase with another woman. Be careful because he will give you every reason under the sun to love him. He is also a dreamer and a philosopher, and at times can be quite like a little boy who needs someone to look out for him. So how can you attract him?. He can be captured by using certain manoeuvres.  For one thing, you must give him lots of rope to do his own thing. Don’t question him, weep at him and certainly don’t nag him. What he will need, even when he’s in a relationship, is his freedom. His idealistic enthusiasm and curiosity will be contagious. He is a born socialite and he will attract people, in, some of them women.

However, be careful, because if the Sagittarius male senses the green-eyed monster cropping up in you, he will run a mile. He will tell you about everything that happens in his life, even if it hurts you. He can be a little too intrigued by everything that happens around him and he will want a mate who has a similar curiosity. He often lives his romantic life on the surface, but he’ll be very open to you about that. Hope you like to travel because he is likely to organize quite a few lavish surprises for you, no expense spared. Also, he will have hoards of female friends. This man is a real social butterfly, and will always be on the lookout for adventures. To attract Sagittarius man (if you really don’t mind all the affairs he’s had), you will have to provide mental stimulation as well as the physical variety. You will need to be intelligent and not easily jealous.  If you take life casually and in the same free-spirited way he does then you may just about have a relationship. He is tempered by Jupiter and his star sign is the archer.

The Husband

As a husband, this man will be totally loyal and devoted to his partner. While he won’t always be wise, because he thinks with his heart and his mind, he will be loving and sensitive and will go to great lengths to keep you happy. His quest in life is to obtain truth and self-knowledge. He will be there to lift you up when you are down and his lucky husband star will also shed her light brightly on you too. This husband is often a keeper and you will enjoy being on his arm immensely and you can rest assured that receiving plenty of attention will not be a worry.

This Man As A Father

The Sagittarius father will enjoy the young ones more when they are older. He will probably take them on a lot of outdoor excursions. He may be closer to the boys than the girls because he will share their appreciation of sport. Now and then his father frankness may disturb the youngsters and as they grow up they will look upon him as more of a friend than a father. This father will be an active but sometimes reluctant participant in the early life of his children. Expect him to blossom, however, as his children become more self-sufficient and able to enjoy the things he enjoys.

His Lover Qualities

When he is smitten, the Sagittarius lover will treat you generously and organize lavish surprises to keep you happy. He adores travel and will take you to many exotic places. As your lover, you can absolutely expect that he will spend money like water and be true to his happy-go-lucky nature. While he may have commitment troubles and be the most outrageous flirt, his affection for you will always be honest and he will slowly learn that love also means loyalty. He will be a passionate lover, fun and optimistic.