How To Attract An Aries Man

The Aries Man In Love – Catching Him

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Aries symbol

The Aries man in love carries a bad boy reputation but also a certain kind of charm that is very difficult to resist. He wants to be free-spirited yet he will also be possessive. One minute he will overwhelm you with his passionate ardour and the next minute he will be as icy as a polar bear. He is searching for that special female who will interest him, keep him wondering and will flirt with him no end. So just how do you attract an Aries man? What is this guy looking for?

These men are usually bursting with energy, with ideas and creativity. He can be quite tiring to keep up with. You might notice that he looks younger and is even more exuberant than usual in the springtime. He needs someone who doesn’t mind his blunt honesty for he has very strong likes and dislikes. When it comes to Aries love, his heedless attitude will simply amaze you. He has the attention span of an alley-cat and will make many mistakes in relationships.

In fact, the Aries male is likely to plunge into an affair after affair positive that this is the only true love he has ever known. If the thing breaks down, he will try every angle to repair it, but then move on to another affair where the whole process will start over. He is a very idealistic man but once he feels he has found the right person, he will be scrupulously faithful to her. He will give all of himself for this man is incapable of half-measures. To initially attract him or hold on to him, don’t be dull, negative or too timid and if you convince him you are superior to all other females, he will stay true. His Aries honesty will be forthright and promiscuity or even a light flirtatiousness is not the Aries habit. This man has a need for romance is strong and it will be up to you to keep the romance alive by staying true to your own femininity. Don’t ever whiten your teeth or peel your sunburn or stay on the phone for hour after hour with your mother for, in this man’s book, this is not the way for a female to behave and will not attract him. He is controlled by Mars and his zodiac is the ram.

The Husband Of This Sign

As a husband, he will insist on being first in the relationship but he will also be first to say sorry after a quarrel. He will pay you appreciative compliments and although he will be bossy and lose his temper over a trifle, he will never let the sun go down on his anger. He wants to be your whole world and he’ll let you share his world if you are his equal. As a husband, he won’t stand for being nagged. He may not budget the books too well, but he will be generous with his cash and he will give you whatever you need. He may be selfish but never stingy. He may well change jobs frequently until he becomes his own boss.

Aries Guy As A Father

As a father, he will be completely devoted when the children are babies, but somewhat later in life, he may be a little bossy and try to dictate his children’s careers. He will be warm and fun and being a father is definitely a role he will enjoy. Never give the children more attention than him, otherwise, his enjoyment of fatherhood may rapidly diminish. Remember he has an extremely short fuse.

Lover Characteristics

The Aries man in love will be energetic, exuberant and very enthusiastic. Be prepared for lots of fun dates with this man as a potential lover. He will put a lot of energy into the romance, but he will also expect the same back. Keep the chemistry going and he’s yours for good. Let it fizzle and he’ll be gone in the blink of an eye. Watch out for his restlessness and his roving eye which may cause you to feel a bit insecure, yet he will put you on a pedestal and keep you there while he has all the freedom of social contact he wants. He is a natural rebel and you may feel a little overwhelmed by him. His anger can be scorching, but the ice and boredom in his voice and manner will be worse. You will have more reason to fear this lover ‘s ice than his fire.