How To Attract A Virgo Man And Signs You Are Liked

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Virgo symbol

Want to know how to attract a Virgo man?. Firstly, the Virgo man’s a practical soul born with an instinctive love of duty and discipline. He lives almost entirely on a practical and material level and has little use for the abstractions of romantic entanglement. If you want to know how to attract a Virgo man then do not try to interest him by sentiment or gushing displays of emotion, rather he prefers a bit of sensuality coupled with an alluring disposition and some intelligent conversation. This man will seek quality rather than quantity in romance. He is not the type to have lots of affairs and so if you are truly interested, you should be ready to combine strategy with patience. Remember, he is looking for a wife, in every sense of the word, and not a mistress. To attract such a man you will need to master the art of subtle seduction for his natural modesty and selectivity will prevent undue promiscuity. He is difficult to stir in an emotional way.

Females who are ignorant, sloppy, rude, dirty, vulgar or dishonest will leave him cold. He likes impeccable manners, a spotlessly clean house, great cooking skills and a decent, smart dress sense.  As a Virgo male, the man of this zodiac sign has the capacity to stay celibate for many years until he decides he’s found the right woman. When he does find her he will be very shy about admitting he is in love, so don’t expect him to bowl you over with romantic gestures. He will show incredible strength when overcoming both material and/or emotional hardships so long as you remain true and you couldn’t ask for a more tender, gentle nor considerate companion through life. He won’t shower you with money, but you will be well supplied with the necessities. What you can expect is a devoted love with a strong flame that will burn for many years once it has been kindled.  Mercury manages his character and his symbol is the maiden.

How To Attract A Virgo Man – Husband Traits

As a husband, this man will be utterly loyal to his wife. Remember, he wants to be a husband to a wife, not a lover to a mistress and he will need you to fuss over his health. Just as he will fuss over yours when you are under the weather. Watch out for his grumpiness, but don’t take it to heart for he will surely surprise you with how tender he can be. This man can be extremely thoughtful about the little things that matter to women. He will make you happy and content and he won’t want you to wait on him, hand, foot and finger.

His Qualities As A Virgo Father

The Virgo father will not have a strong yearning for fatherhood and may have a small family but when the children to come along, he will be very conscientious as a parent and will never take his responsibilities lightly. You can expect him to invest many hours in the raising and care of his young. He will certainly spend hours teaching youngsters skills and transmitting his own high standards of conduct and behaviour. He won’t mind helping with homework and will place much emphasis on intellect and manners. Children of these men usually grow up with a keen love and respect for books and learning.

The Dependable Virgo Lover

Once smitten, the Virgo lover will be totally dependable, but difficult to move in an emotional sense. It may take years for him to soften since he will cover his true feelings with casualness. Once he’s decided the relationship is one hundred percent genuine, he will reward his mate with a forever loving partner, who is responsible, reliable and stable.

So there you have it. I hope you’ve found my thoughts above insightful and I wish you well in your quest to learn how to attract a Virgo man!

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