How To Attract A Libra Man

The scales sign

Libra symbol

Libra men love attractive, outgoing, confident women. They are attracted to bright colourful happy people. Their ideal woman is someone who is intellectually intelligent as well as emotionally intelligent. They like to have beautiful people and beautiful things around them. They can be utterly charming and win you over with their deliciously boyish smile; however, they are neither boisterous nor highly adventurous themselves. Moreover, they are attracted to a comfortable and luxurious life. If they find true love they will restrain their flirtatious streak. Loyalty is a key trait in these men. So, how to attract a Libra man is a question worth some consideration.

They seek the company of sensible, understanding women who can attach a sense of balance in their love life.  Their favourite pastime is to socialise and mix with interesting people. Although they are quite mature and exercise some caution before they enter into a relationship, they appreciate women who are masterful, particularly in the bedroom. The ruling planet for Libra man is Venus, which is also known as the planet of love, romance and passion. Interested? A pretty face will attract them in. They like nothing better than to hear good things said about them and flattery will get you a long way. They also appreciate small thoughtfully chosen gifts and flowers, believe it or not.

These men have very little chance of staying single since their marital life is bound to be a success given the charm of their personality and the way they are able to mingle and mix so easily with the folks all around them. Libra men take a lot of notice of well-dressed women. They are easily seduced by soft lighting, fresh perfume, candle-lit dinners with excellent food and wine. However, they will not attach too much important to getting physically intimate unless there is an emotional connection. The Libra man’s wooing will be measured and calculated. Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac with the symbol of the scale. This indicates that they have a balanced approach in love.

Husband Character Traits

This man loves peace and harmony. He will be very unlikely to want a divorce unless he is deeply unhappy. Only if love turns cold, is this man likely to look elsewhere. Once he has proposed, you can expect an everlasting friendship filled with lots of fun and frolics. He will always be true and has the ability to keep his partner happy and content with all the good things that life can bring.

Father And His Qualities

Although this man may be a bit reticent about actually having children, once they are born he will be a doting father with a sincere desire to enjoy being a dad. He will actually take the role very seriously and you can rely on his support and contribution. However, his romantic feelings for you will never take second place to his parental feelings for his offspring.

Lover And His Attraction

The man of this sign should be an absolute delight, once smitten. He’ll be openly affectionate and will fill his partner’s life with fun, passion and excitement. He’s witty, humorous, can speak intelligently about many subjects and utterly charming. You can also expect a loyal and trustworthy companion, one who should be both compassionate and caring. He’ll be very romantic and totally faithful. He will expect you to reciprocate. You can expect to receive lots of gifts and to enjoy the most luxurious things money can buy. The only downside of this is that he will expect you to buy him gifts and beautiful things in return. Libran men actually enjoy receiving flowers and he will probably have a keen interest in gardening. His smile will completely charm you and totally disarm you. The sentimental and emotional side of the man means he’ll be a kind and considerate lover.