How to Attract A Gemini Man – Do Not Ignore!

The twins Sign And Romance

Gemini symbol

Gemini man is a charming conversationalist and will seek to attract a lady who is well informed and witty enough to be able to hold his attention for a long time. Above all, he craves an intelligent mate who can fuel his intellectual fire. These men are usually very eclectic in their tastes in music, art, theatre, style and people. Although this man will admire physical beauty, he will never choose a partner who doesn’t have a mind of her own or opinions of her own. These men can be notoriously difficult to pin down and gain a commitment from him.

They love to party and mix with people. Generally, they are fun-loving men who can captivate women easily with their wit and knowledge and stimulating conversation. To attract him back, you must be able to stand out from the crowd and ward off any rivals. He will enjoy the challenge of trying to win you provided you keep his attention and interest. Therefore, you would be wise to create a slight air of mystery around yourself to keep him guessing. He will notice if you look sexy and he will enjoy flirting with you and you flirting back. Show just enough leg to get him going, but don’t overdo it. From an attraction perspective, he will be turned off by any suggestion of brash behaviour. Think classy rather than trashy to attract him and he will be curious. Remember he will have a twin or indeed multi-faceted personality as a Gemini and can easily change his mind about something. Be ready to share his multitude of friends and don’t demand exclusive attention from him as this will have him running a mile. He will always enjoy a challenge and emotional harmony will reign supreme once intellectual harmony has been achieved. The ruling planet for this man is Mercury and his symbol is the twins.

The Husband

As many of us know, Gemini men are very vivacious creatures and many have a string of affairs before they finally decide to settle down as a husband to one woman. They have impressive amounts of knowledge about every subject under the sun and know instinctively how to keep their women happy. They are brilliant husband companions, especially if you visit museums, art galleries or even watch a film together. On the flip side, they can sometimes be rather exasperating since their minds are continually operating at such a fantastic speed. Don’t expect too much of him on the domestic front, though he is actually very capable, he won’t fit into domestic routines.

These Men And Fatherhood

Providing the offspring don’t tie him down too much, the Gemini man will be a good father, really enjoy his children and keep them entertained for hours and hours with his highly imaginative stories. He will probably spoil them and will hardly ever punish them, though he may sting them occasionally with the odd sarcastic outburst if they push him to the limits. As a family father, he will probably leave the practical side of bringing them up to the woman and avoid those endless periods of babysitting when he’s pursuing his multitude of brain stimulating activities.

Lover Traits

Lover Astrology tells us that these men are extremely romantic as lovers and they are soft and delicate wishing to keep their partners safe and secure. As a lover, you can be assured that he will want you to flirt with his mind as well as with his body – and often!. He will detest any kind of possessiveness or jealousy in his lover though he will need a certain amount of freedom to pursue his intellectual interests and passions. You may find he gets easily side-tracked in the bedroom, especially if he has a lot of things on his mind.