How to Attract A Scorpio Man – Learn This Well

Love Symbol for the Scorpion sign

Scorpio symbol

Want to understand how to attract a Scorpio man? Looking for this star sign’s male to chase you?. If so then you need to understand that on a public level, the Scorpio guy will seem to be calm and composed, but looks can be deceptive. If you want to catch his eye then you need to understand that this man is a seething mix of passion, emotion, intellect and philosophy about life. He will search out a woman who makes him proud and also someone who can handle him. If you do manage to hook him, you will have someone who will love with an all-consuming love of body and soul. He will take his time actually falling in love, but once smitten he will also want someone who can admire him back.

Scorpio is extremely selective when choosing a mate. Although he may have many flings himself, he will want all the very best qualities he can find in the woman he chooses to be his wife. You can not have the same number of flings he has had. No, that would never do. On some levels, there will be zero equality in this relationship. He will choose you, not the other way round and his hypnotic intensity will be very difficult to push back. The woman of his dreams must be someone who is lively, warm, affectionate, sensitive, trustworthy, intelligent, adventurous, gifted, talented, sporty, independent, emotional, understanding, compassionate, yet willing to let him take the lead. It’s a tall order, but if you do meet his attract criteria, you will find yourself with a deeply sensual person who is also warm, considerate, loyal and sensitive to your needs. He will engage with a passion. However, be warned, you can not play games if you want to attract him. There will be a crackling electric vitality about him that can never be trifled with. Scorpio will never forget an act of disloyalty and he will never forgive. He is governed by Pluto and his astrological symbol is the scorpion which has been known to sting itself to death. So don’t say you haven’t been warned.

The Married Scorpio Husband

when a Husband this guy will move mountains for his loved ones. If he is convinced you are the right choice, he will be one of the most loyal, sensual, generous and caring men in the zodiac. He is a very strong character and also a very demanding husband. Watch out for his legendary temper which will totally unnerve you.

Fatherhood and This Man

This man when a father will adore his young with a sincere passion; however, he is also a strict and most uncompromising father when teaching his young to stand on their own two feet. From no other man, can children learn so much about life. He can be gentle and funny, joking and laughing with them, but then he will draw the line and the youngsters will know this line can not be crossed without the direst consequences. Some children may well feel intimidated and bullied by his power and control. He is most definitely the head of the family.

Scorpio Lover Traits And Character

A Scorpio man in love is loyal, generous, passionate, lustful, ardent and an intense lover. He is a deeply sexual lover and attracted to all forms of eroticism. These men are also capable of supreme self-sacrifice and often have psychic abilities. He can be an extremely possessive and jealous lover and he will always be the one who wields the power in the relationship. If you’re sensitive, then don’t ask for his opinion or advice because you’ll get the blunt naked honest truth. However, you can rely on the fact that his reply will be sincere and unvarnished. You would be very unwise to make him feel threatened by flirting with another member of the opposite sex. He is fully capable of imitating the behaviour of the nocturnal scorpion which will sting others and then even sting itself to the death for the sheer pleasure of stinging.

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