How To Attract A Cancer Man, This Male In Love

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Cancer symbol

Want to have a Cancer man chase you?. The woman who manages to romantically interest a Cancer man will need to be both attentive and caring while at the same time, very feminine. This man will be outwardly shy and although he may seem diffident and reserved, he will also certainly come over as extremely charming and want to attract you. He will put loyalty on a very high pedestal and he will appreciate a loyally supportive woman who listens carefully to his dreams when he chooses to disclose them. Cancer men love natural perfumes and fresh-faced, not heavily made-up, natural looking women. They have an eye for the attractive and are more drawn to the woman who wears sensual pastel colours rather than bold or dramatic ones. He will also find silver or white gold jewellery very alluring. The Cancer man will love a woman who is passionate and caring but also willing to open up to him on three levels, the physical, the mental and the emotional level. If you really want to win the heart of a Cancer man, then become a good cook, for there is a direct line between this man’s heart and his stomach.

The Cancer man will hate to be ridiculed or made fun of in any way. Remember this – that his first impression of you will also be his last. He will understand the psyche of the female more than any other man which makes him quite a catch. He is not exactly traditional himself, but he is not exactly flamboyant either. Cancer men are highly sensitive, but also very moody and need to be understood. He will reminisce for hours about his childhood and will need a mental or emotional connection with a woman, even after initially attracted before he can make any sort of commitment to her. He is ruled by the Moon which endows him with a peaceful, gentle nature that is also prone to moodiness and passive aggression.

The Husband Temperament

Once the Cancer husband is committed, he will make a loyal, faithful, hard-working husband who will provide well for his family. He will be sensitive to your needs, but he too can be very emotional. If you an adventurous, boisterous type, he would probably not be the right man for you. He will revere very highly all family ties and will be a totally trustworthy and loving companion. That said, he will keep a very close eye on the finances and will care deeply about good causes and charities. This man hates waste and while you will always have enough he will not overspend or blow money away. Every penny he has will be carefully invested and accounted for. That will include your housekeeping allowance unless you are financially independent. You can expect a husband who will enjoy a quiet but secure life and if this appeals to you, then a loving and trustworthy Cancer man would be your ideal mate. His mood swings may sometimes appear unreasonable, but stick with him and he will not disappoint.

Cancer Lover Attributes

The Cancer lover can be rather difficult to get to know, but once committed will be tremendously tender in relationships and deeply loyal. They are attracted to silver jewellery in a mate and once turned on their love will burn with a warm but gentle flame. As a lover, he will be compassionate, a tactile, gentle and faithful lover who only shows his true emotions when he feels completely comfortable with someone.

Attributes Of A Cancerian Father

The Cancer male is born for fatherhood. He will be a kind, gentle and patient father with his children. He will show a genuine interest in every problem and will spend countless hours entertaining them. He will be immensely proud of his sons and fiercely protective of his daughters. He will hate it when his offspring no longer depend upon him as a father and will need even more understanding from his mate when they leave the nest.

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