How to Attract A Taurus Man

love sign of the Bull

Taurus symbol

The type of woman most admired by the Taurus man is especially feminine and physically attractive. That said, he is rarely if ever, attracted by a sleazy or loud, over the top lady. He will never put up with a loud masculine female, so show him you’re less boisterous side if you want to appeal to the Taurus male personality. He is more likely to respect a female with intelligence though he also places a very high premium on plain old common sense He has an eye for beauty in the classical sense of the word and will watch to see what your dress sense is like. Taurus man loves luxurious clothes and rich colours. Music will stir his emotions and put him in the mood to attract. Your lipstick should be a delicate pastel shade and don’t ever overdo your make-up.

Wondering how to attract a Taurus man?. Never forget to wear a light and fragrant perfume if you want to attract the male of this sign. This combination should send the male senses reeling. He is looking for a relationship to stand the test of time and is not usually attracted to the bimbo type. This man is a true romantic at heart and will actually want to court the lady of his dreams in order to win her. His basic nature is practical and he is a solid, reliable, gentleman with an honest heart and an ocean of love to offer to the right woman. He may well take his time when choosing a mate, but this man is also liable to forget his sensible cautious side if Cupid’s arrow strikes. He should avoid Fire and Air signs when he’s better off with Water and Earth signs. He is a straightforward man who will always do exactly what he says he’ll do and this is a typical Taurus man trait (a Taurean trait for both Genders in fact). Don’t expect declarations of everlasting love from him, rather, watch his actions for these will prove far more reliable than any words. He may even write poetry for you. Every word will be sincere and truly meant. He’s ruled by the loving peaceful planet of Venus and his symbol is the Bull.

Taurean Husband Characteristics

You will have hit the jackpot if you can attract this husband since he will be generous to a fault, hardworking and reliable. While he is not particularly outgoing, he should be pleasantly hospitable with guests. He is materialistic and has an affinity for possessions so you can look forward to a life of luxury. This husband will always ensure financial stability for his partner. His affection will be plain, simple and honest. Just watch out for a streak of stubbornness and that possessive, jealous streak. If you understand it comes from the sincerity of his love for you, then you can have a relationship that will last forever.

The Lover

Once you’ve captured his heart, This man will be a polite, softly-spoken and gentle romantic lover in a relationship. His calm manner as a doting lover will soothe you. He will make you feel emotionally secure and he will buy you expensive gifts. You will receive a true, honest and grounded commitment. Be prepared for a male who is gifted in the art of love-making and one who will court you. The partners of these men will be satisfied both emotionally and sexually.

Taurus Man As A Dad

As a father, This man is warm, sympathetic and affectionate. He’ll set high standards for his children, and he won’t mind if they learn their lessons slowly. He will train them gradually towards maturity. He may shower them with expensive gifts, but he’ll also shower them with hours of father devotion and the firm hand of his discipline.