How To Attract A Leo Man

A Leo Man – How To Get His Interest

The Lion Sign

Leo symbol

The Leo man is easily attracted by beauty and charm. He loves glamour, social charm, wit and humour. He is a handsome creature himself and will fall in and out of relationships very easily. He may be a flamboyant lover and want you to submit to his brilliant sunlight, on the other hand, don’t be fooled if he is one of the gentle quieter Leo men who will play the meek soul so that you can stroke his sleek softness. No matter which type of Leo male he is, underneath his courteous attention there will be a smouldering fire of proud dignity as befits his regal nature. He loves an audience, so if you want him, make him feel that he is the centre of your world, and vital to the very essence of your being.

This man was born to attract and for romance, but he was also born to rule. He can be chivalrous and gallant as a suitor, and he won’t need much tempting to make a romantic advance. If love is missing from his life he will dramatically pine away. He has to be worshipped or die. He possesses a kind of instant passion that is turned on by candlelight and romance. Leo men rarely compromise in cost when they’re walking out with the ladies. You’ll be taken to the best restaurants and showered with expensive gifts. He can also write some pretty amazing amorous love letters. If you attract him, he will be very hard to resist and he knows it. However, watch out for his jealousy. If you want to know how to attract a Leo man then remember especially that he will expect to possess his mate’s mind, body and soul. Be warned; because he does have an explosive temper that can most quickly be roused by jealousy, however, irrational and unfounded it is. However, when the Leo male invites you into his plush luxurious lair, watch out, for it could turn into a lush expensive prison. He is ruled by the Sun and his symbol is the lion.

The Leo Husband Character

As a husband and father, you will find that this man will be generous, kind and will usually love his wife deeply. You can also expect to lead an active social life with a Leo husband but there may be some juggling with finances when he gets a sudden urge to gamble. He will be especially good at fixing things around the house. Also, this husband will be the life and soul at parties. He needs a lot of love and affection as a husband and his eyes may wander a bit resulting in some explosive arguments.

Leo As A Father

The Leo man is unlikely to raise a large family and many Leo folk have children that get separated from them. Leo men make warm loving fathers though they can be a little too permissive between stern talks about proper behaviour. The young ones may get bored with his long father lectures until they learn the trick of flattering him into submission. He’ll insist on their respect and get it, however, the real discipline will probably have to come from you. At some point, the youngsters may resent his arrogant ways. Never give them more attention than you give to this father or there could be trouble in paradise.

Lover Qualities For Leo Man

This man feeds on affection and he has to be a worshipped lover. He seldom spares the expense and you can expect to live the high life. You can also expect a creative, sexy man, as well as an arrogant, flamboyant, charismatic lover who adores being flattered and made the centre of attention. He is a generous extrovert type, strong-willed, courageous but somewhat domineering. He makes the perfect lover in that he is loyal, faithful and very generous with affection and gifts. He will be the provider who wants you to be the mistress of his palace. However, watch out for his impulsive temper and above all his jealousy. He doesn’t want to attract a career girl, but a mate who will tend to all his need and look after his home and children.

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