How To Attract An Aquarius Man

The Aquarius Man – Know How To Interest Him

Chasing a water carrier guy

Aquarius symbol

If you are interested in an Aquarius man chasing you then take note, straight up, that Aquarius man does potentially have some detachment issues. His independence means an awful lot to him, so much so, in fact, that he will avoid deeply emotional women, preferring instead the intellectual type who is both practical and logical. He will look for stimulating conversation and someone who has high energy levels. He is uncomfortable with emotional women and I would totally say turned off by any sign of neediness. He is one of the most unpredictable signs in the zodiac and may well follow an unusual path in life thanks to his intellect and offbeat ideas. He has a boundless amount of energy and will be overzealous about more than one cause in his life. His friendliness will attract you as well as his sheer charm and quick wit. Be warned, however, for this man can also be quite the opposite of charming and witty. He will analyse you to death for one thing and only if you surpass his critical analysis will you even be considered for a relationship.

When considering how to attract an Aquarius man in love, you should know that first and foremost this man will want friendship from you, and then you must be prepared to put up with his need for loneliness and detachment if you want to attract him. Also, be prepared for his unpredictability, stubbornness, and coldness. You will have to accept that at times he may seem a complete contradiction and he will rarely break a trust. He will seek a woman who wants her freedom as much as he wants his. He will need some “alone” time and any woman who wants to be permanently in his life will need to respect that. You would be wise to limit any declarations of love you have and give him a free rein. He will not be overtly different as a lover from the way he is as a friend. His symbol is the pitcher or the water-carrier. The Aquarian man in love’s ruling planet is Uranus. Understand the above and you have the basic knowledge to know how to attract an Aquarius man.

The Aquarian Husband

As a husband, these men will be loyal and highly trustworthy. This spouse may not be the best breadwinner, but there will always be a surprise for you just around the corner. You should not aim to possess him or take this guy for granted, God forbid because this man will always cherish his free-spirited approach to life and is very able to walk away from a relationship and not look back if he feels entrapped.  Deep down he is a natural rebel so beware of placing him under too tight a leash (should you be so inclined).  If you try you may well see your rebel husband in open revolt and that would not be a great outcome!.

An Aquarius Lover

As a lover, you will not find a more romantic, loving, caring, interesting nor witty personal companion. He will never express his sentiments and emotions openly, so do not expect it, however, watch out instead for his gestures for the occasional declaration, though these will be kept to the bare minimum. He can be utterly charming providing you never try to tame him. He is not one to fall in love easily and he may have numerous affairs. In truth, he is looking for a best friend as much as an intellectual equal, someone he can analyse to death, so if you don’t mind such scrutiny, then carry on seeing him. You will need a lot of understanding and compromise to have a fulfilling relationship with him as a lover.

Father Traits For Aquarius

As a father, his greatest asset is his personal ability to listen and he will easily work through the problems his children face, leaving them feeling safe, secure and loved. He will be an absolute star at helping with homework and is the world’s best at solving problems. As a father, he may leave the practicalities of bringing up the children to you, but you can be sure his contribution will be considerable.

M Lee