What Are Aries Guys Like In Dating and Relationships? Your Ultimate Insight

Aries Men And Their Relationship Behaviour

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Aries men in love relationships – what are they like? It’s a common question from the ladies who come to me looking for zodiac informed answers to the behaviour (or potential behaviour) of a boyfriend, suitor or husband.  Is that because Aries men are any more complex than those born under any other sign.  Not really but they do have some interesting characteristics which any female looking to snare this man should be aware of (and prepare for).  Understand what astrologically drives an Aries guy and you will be well equipped for the path towards true romance but remember – it will still be up to you to navigate it and with this zodiac sign you will, at times, need a great deal of understanding and control with a dash of forgiveness thrown in for good measure.  Why do I say that? Let’s have a look at Aries and dating to discover what you need to know about this full on conqueror in the arts of love.

Know About The Aries Man’s Behaviour In Love, When Dating And  If Breaking Up

What can I expect from an Aries partner? You will no doubt have asked yourself this question on more than one occasion if the guy you’re interested in is an Arian.  This is the sign of the Ram and you can be that a head-on approach to love will be on the cards from him if you begin to interest him. To Aries (the God of war in Greek mythology) love is indeed a battle and he must conquer and prevail to be satisfied with his success.

You can learn more about this sign here on the site but I would point out the following for you to file away in memory;

  • This man is normally very masculine and aggressive (in a competitive, not threatening way) when seeking a romantic relationship. He will only be satisfied if he is the centre of attention when with you and number #1 priority in your life overall. He is generally needy in this way but regular reassurance, a warm hug or gentle but genuine kiss occasionally will do the job.  You may well say that surely all zodiac sun sign men are like this – true, but this particular Arian sign needs to be praised, reassured, his ego petted and doubts laid to rest more than the other signs you will find.
  • This sign likes to be the one who makes the first move in a potential relationship so, whatever your own inclination, try and give him this – it will pay dividends in the long run. Remember this man is a hunter and he enjoys the pursuit. Use this to your advantage to help land your man.
  • The Aries man can be possessive and jealous so bear this in mind (remember that competitive streak won’t let his ego tell him he’s a loser in love). Now don’t go saying ‘OMG’ because this is positive if handled well. If you don’t see his occasional possessiveness as threatening then you will have far stronger foundations for the intimacy and commitment to follow. So, for example, try to avoid conversations about previous partners and relationships and under no circumstances be seen casting appreciative glances at other men.
  • This sign is very lovable, charming sign who when committed to a relationship will be truly committed and you will feel very cherished by this hot-headed lover. It will take something quite drastic to force him to leave though feeling possessed himself may well, over time, do it.  In a strangely contradictory way, Aries loves to possess but not to be possessed himself.
  • These men are full of life and will enjoy the company of and relationship with, someone who matches that zest and zing for life.

Interested in a male of this sun symbol? Then bear the following in mind when making a relationship with the Ram sign work;

Here are the main YES’s

YES Tell him you are happy, tell him often and enjoy being happy together. Praise him and convey that you enjoy his success in life and respect his achievements.

YES This is a very creative sign so try to be interested in his interests – praise him and he will be very pleased to tell you all you want to know about them. This will help you relate to him strongly in his psyche.

YES Always be honest with this man, even if you know or suspect it may upset him. This sign appreciates the truth and if you lie and he finds out then the consequences for the relationship may not be good! Take note.

YES Give him lots of attention and don’t ignore him. Rejection is not something the Aries male deals with well so bear that in mind. Find a way to manage your arguments because silently walking away and ignoring him is putting a bomb under your relationship.

YES This sign is a Life explorer, he wants to enjoy living and exploring his world. Join him as a soul mate on this quest and he will adore you more.

Here are the main NO’s

NO Don’t plead with him emotionally – find a way early to talk about how you feel, not just about the relationship but other priorities in your life.  You may find that the emotional disconnect with this sign will mean he doesn’t understand what you mean when you talk about your feelings.

NO Hard though it may be at times, try to take a step back when you feel like nagging him (remember, this sign needs to feel he’s got it right and doing things correctly). Never tell him what to do, however well-intentioned.

NO Don’t push for more commitment, let it happen naturally at its own pace. if you try to force the pace you may find it misfires spectacularly!

NO Don’t get upset if he doesn’t seem to be taking good care of himself (and don’t nag him on this). To him there are other priorities than dressing, eating and keeping fit. That may take a little getting used to.

NO Make sure you never convey the impression you are more successful than him (even if you are). Like leaking acid, such a perception once it settles in his mind, will eat away at your relationship and no good will come of it.

What Is It That Will Attract An Aries Guy?

By this stage, you will know a lot more about the men of this star sign and what kind of characters they are/ You’re getting the picture about them but what do you need to know about getting them interested in you. let’s find out.

What is likely to attract Aries men to you

Arian men love to pursue in love

Successful romantic attraction

As we discussed above, the Ram is a full-on pursuer in the quest for love and likes the pursuit of his love interest. In addition, he’s a true romantic so unlock the key to ticking those two boxes and you will be on a pretty sound course for snaring your Aries guy.  As we said, this man is driven and will often be found in positions of authority or on a fast track to such a role.  The first key to his heart is to be, in his mind, as driven and hard working as he is, to share the goal of becoming successful. Remember though – not as successful as he is. He appreciates well-groomed and feminine women so the combination of successful and feminine, close to but not as, successful as him is a love potion to this man. Work on this deadly combo and you are definitely stacking the odds in your favour. navigate the ‘no pressure’ path successful and you’ll be choosing the curtains before too long.

With women, what do Aries males like the most?

Determined, successful characters, not afraid to offer a contradictory opinion to them. All pulled off with a liberal dose of feminine charm, sophistication and a smattering of vulnerability.

 Aries Man and commitment

This guy loves the chase and the thrill of it but once he decides you are the one he will be loyal and committed. A truer companion you will not find but a word of warning. Watch out for the ‘comfortable’ stage of the relationship. Remember the thrill of the chase is big for him so you will need to make sure that once you are both settled into a solid relationship you have a little in reserve. Keep him feeling he still has a tad more conquering to do, suggest impulsive and unusual things to pique his interest and keep him guessing occasionally. Be truthful at all times and do make sure you carry the impulsive and different approach into the bedroom.

Marriage and the Aries Guy

generally, the males of this zodiac sign are often in no hurry to get a ring onto your finger.  Quite the contrast to his speed of pursuit and entry into a dating relationship. He likes being cosy without that final commitment so it will take a little more work to get him to the altar.  make sure he has space because, committed husbands though they usually are, they are also independent by nature and like their own personal time as well as sharing with wife and family.  Balance in all things but patience and willingness to compromise on his attention will pay dividends.

Key Take away: Make sure he has sufficient time to himself so his time with you and the family is high quality and rewarding for everyone.

Going Out With An Aries Zodiac Man

Walking out with your Aries date offers it’s own challenges of course, before there is any suggestion of marriage and settling down. So how do you make sure your dating and partnership stage goes as smoothly as it can?

What does Aries man like in bed

  • They like a physical relationship a lot, free, playful and frequently.
  • Impulsive and spontaneous love-making is the key. Never ‘schedule’ intimacy sessions as, for this sign, that is a massive turn-off
  • Very physical bedroom antics can be expected and this sign sees the vigorous activity as very natural.
  • Make him work for it, tease, taunt and then be conquered by this physical love maker.
  • Shyness isn’t acceptable in these relationships – park it for the very best bedroom relationship
  • Extended foreplay isn’t generally an Aries trait between the sheets – getting to the main event quickly, is.

Are Aries males jealous types?

These males can be very possessive and jealous – indeed it is probably one of the greatest challenges you will face. At times it may feel insurmountable and his need for commitment and dedicated attention may bring strain. Knowing this will help you chart the rapids of an Aries relationship.

Break Ups With Aries Guys

Breaking up is never great but when it happens with an Aries man it can be particularly tough because of the levels of loyalty and commitment in Aries relationships. Consider whether the break-up was a long time coming of an impulsive move made on the spur of the moment in a heated argument. If either happens, is there a prospect of getting him back (If that’s what you want). Let’s see.

How to get an Aries man back

getting Aries men to come back to you

Wanting him back

So the worst happened and you and your Aries guy finally separated. You want him back though, so what do you do?  Well, first of all (and it may seem obvious) give him some time…don’t try and apply pressure. If he was behind the break-up, it’s possible that he will come to regret things. make sure you keep silent and out of contact for a couple of weeks if this scenario happens (remember, he loves attention and you being incommunicado will make him think). If he still wants you, this approach may well lead to him reaching out to try to get back in touch with you. If no response after 3 weeks or so, then send him a text message with a picture of you. This will remind him what he’s let go and you may well get a reply by text or phone.  However, if after further time you haven’t heard from him then it’s likely he’s decided he’s had enough and that stubborn element will kick in.  Be prepared for the fact that the two of you may indeed be done.


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