Virgo Couples Astrology – 2017 Suitability Study

Love Astrology Factors For Virgo 2017

This will neither be a dull nor uneventful year for this male my Virgo love horoscope 2017 study shows. There are quite likely to be some minor disturbances and some unsettlement in his friendship and family circles. There could be disagreements and clashes, differences of opinion and the chance of changes on the home front are very likely. Certainly, there will be more responsibilities for this man to worry about in 2017.

Luckily, his energy levels will be high this year. The normally shy, self-conscious and modest younger male will be in a very sociable mood, actively seeking out new people to establish new contacts and make new friends. This is a little bit unusual for this sign since the basic Virgo instinct is chastity. He is quite a tricky individual to stir up emotionally. Your average man is a blend of sharp intellect and earthly passion. He can be extremely detached when his critical analytical sense comes into play. The good news is, this year, he will not be quite so distant and these friendships could easily turn into something more serious. He is looking for a decent, genuine and honest relationship. My astrological charts suggest there will be a new direction in his life this year.

Virgo Romantic Understanding Of The Male Psyche

If you are already in an established relationship with your Virgo man make ready for some major adjustments to your lifestyle, either welcoming a new baby, creating a home extension, accommodating a move or even an elderly relative who has come to stay. Important life-changing decisions will be made together and as a result of this personal relations will deepen and intensify. The man born under the sign of the Maiden is capable of enormous sacrifice to make others happy. As husbands, these men are hardworking, neat and tidy, alert and well-informed.

If you are dating a Virgo male, you have probably discovered that he is a creature of habit, not the adventurous sort. My Virgo love horoscope 2017 strongly indicates that he operates on a practical and material level. He will not display his love for you with dramatic promises and he is not in the least sentimental yet he is the master of a more subtle seduction. To some, he can appear a bit of a loner, though his natural intelligence and clarity of thoughts will always shine through. It is a fact that many males born under this sign remain celibate for long periods of time until they find the right woman. He is a man who will welcome some time on his own, despite being in a loving partnership. What he can offer you is reliability and a contented future with his deep clarity of insight. Never forget that this man can show great strength through emotional and material hardship.

There will be changes in his career and he is likely to make many new and valuable contacts this year. He will thrive in the working environments and get on extremely well with his co-workers and colleagues. He may have ambitions to work from home this year and become self-employed. This is not such a good idea, his astrological forecast suggests unless there is very careful planning and meticulous organisation.

His finances will be predictable and stable this year simply because he is working so hard to achieve this. This is a man who can perform little miracles with his bank card. He may even take on more than one job to make ends meet and ensure the bills are all paid. He is not likely to make huge amounts of money in 2017 but the Virgo man is a very kind and thoughtful lover and he will remember the little things to please you, that don’t necessarily cost a fortune, but which show you how much he actually cares. There could be some opportunities for him to discover new ways to be thrifty and save more money. The right balance between work and play will be necessary so that he does not become bogged down by working day-in-day-out without any time to relax.

The Virgo love horoscope 2017 charts for this year show his health will be good and his energy levels high. For the man born under the sign of the Maiden, who is one of the most health conscious of all the signs of the zodiac, this will be important to him. This is a man who hates ignorance, stupidity and sloppiness in others and he will be meticulous about his own health routines. He may expect you to fuss over him a bit if he does get sick, but this will be fully reciprocated should you get poorly too. Virgo guy is likely to find new ways to cope with stress this year and may even try out new therapies to fine tune mind and body and soul.One of his favourite pastimes is likely to be walking which gives him time alone, occasionally, cardiac exercise and the fresh air he craves.

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