Virgo Love Horoscope 2016 Summaries

August 24 – September 23

Virgo love horoscope 2016 zodiac sign of the virginFor the Virgo man, 2016 will be a horoscope year when he will expand his horizons. This is a male who is very much a creature of habit yet 2016 will see him jump out of his comfort zone. He is not the adventurous sort, but he’ll come out of his closet this love year and get himself noticed. He will probably be a little less shy than normal and more willing to take a little of the limelight though not all of it. All this and more is indicated by my Virgo love horoscope 2016 analysis.

Many of this type of guy are happiest when they are behind the scenes and many of them can come across as being a bit of a loner. This is a guy whose natural intelligence and clarity of thought will shine through though he will not make a song and dance about it for this behaviour is not natural to his normally modest demeanour. However, 2016 will inject new life into Virgo man and he’ll have no choice.

It will a social year in terms of time spent with the family, friends and work colleagues. It could also be a year when this man is tested for there could be a change in the family unit which may throw him a bit. Although there may be a few arguments, all misunderstandings should be resolved by the end of the horoscope year and peace will reign once more.

In love, the single man could easily find a new partner through a group outing or it could even be with someone he works with. These men do not display their love with dramatic emotions or sentimental promises. Often they are masters of the art of subtle seduction. They seek quality rather than quantity in romance.

In 2016, there might not be a mad attraction at first, but genuine feelings will develop and grow slowly and steadily until eventually mutual feelings blossom into a full-blown romance. This could be just the kind of liaison that will last once he’s decided it’s real and built on a solid foundation. Never forget that men of this zodiac sign need some time on their own, often to contemplate their experiences and analyse their past mistakes. Allow him this time and he’ll be yours, an unquestionably dependable and sincere lover at all times.

Virgo guy is a blend of sharp intellect and solid earth. While he can be very detached, his modesty and selectivity enable him to recognise something really special. If you are married to him, he will provide you with a pretty contented future. You will have a gentle man with a deep clarity of insight.

For the married man, 2016 looks like a lovely relationship horoscope year where new activities will be shared with much fun and enjoyment. Existing bonds look to be more firmly cemented in and bedded down into place. This love match could even reach a more spiritual plane by the end of 2016.

There could have already been a change of job, or there could be a change of job in 2016 for Virgo male who’ll be working very hard at the beginning of the year adapting and moulding to a new environment. He may need to learn how to use all his powers of persuasion to get things to happen in the way he would like. He may be stressed out this horoscope year, but he is unlikely to show it, unless to his other half. The pace may be slightly faster than he would like, but he should eventually manage the transition very successfully. What he won’t like is enforced risk taking, but aside from this, his life path is set to run fairly smoothly in 2016.

Final Close

Virgo man’s health and vitality will be excellent in 2016, my Virgo love horoscope tells me. He’ll be in good shape physically though he could need to make sure he gets enough sleep, especially when he is working extra hard in his new job. Walking will give him the fresh air he craves and the cardiac exercise he needs along with a healthy and conservative diet. His mind is totally logical even though he might have a few dreams of his own, and, in the end, his common sense will drive him to maintain a healthier work/life balance if work gets too demanding.

The guys of this sign will be discovering different ways to manage money this coming year. He may even consult a financial advisor to assist with a new way of budgeting. Certainly by the end of 2016 there will be a healthy balance between money saved and the money that has to be spent on essentials. Virgo man is good at saving and he will give you a sense of security in the way he is able to oversee the finances, meet all the bills and still have some left to enjoy while saving for a rainy day or unforeseen circumstances.

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