Taurus Love Horoscope 2016 Male Insight

April 21 – May 21

Taurus love horoscope 2016 zodiac symbol of the Bull2016 looks to be quite a year for the Taurus man. Those who are single will find a lasting love and if you are wedded to a Taurean male, 2016 will ensure your marriage becomes stronger and even more fulfilling. You will find time to work methodically through any issues, and, as a result, you will both achieve a much-needed clarity which will help to strengthen existing bonds. My Taurus love horoscope 2016 chart analysis indicates your emotions will be more balanced and there will be great harmony between you. This is one strong gentleman who will give a lifetime of honest love in a relationship if he is treated right.

There should be a lot of fun and celebrations with family and friends within the Taurus circle in 2016 and he could even father a new baby this horoscope year. Certainly I foresee him being extremely romantic. Don’t be surprised if he whisks you off to a beautiful destination to spend time relaxing, enjoying life and making love. He’ll be at his most passionate in the spring months.

The second part of the zodiac romance year will be the best time for this man to find a meaningful relationship if he is still single. There will almost certainly be a lot of social events in the Taurus male calendar in 2016 and he should be convivial and good company. If you are interested in attracting him in, then it’s worth knowing that he likes a female who is physically pleasing as well as being utterly charming. He doesn’t want someone who is loud or likely to give him emotional grief. He also dislikes any form of aggressive behaviour and he will admire a female who is both intelligent but also possess lots of common sense with it. His ideal woman is someone who dresses to please. He has an eye for quality and he won’t want someone who doesn’t take a pride in herself.

This guy is a quiet kind of man. He is practical, down to earth and completely solid. He is as strong and masculine as his sign, the bull suggests, however, he is also peace loving and extremely kind. He might take a long time to make up his mind about you, but once his mind is made up, there probably isn’t another more romantic sign in the relationship zodiac. Once smitten, he’ll be passionate and true. Don’t be surprised if you receive some poetry. He can be tender, gentle and protective too. He is also very patient. Music stirs him and he’ll almost certainly have a favourite song which he will keep playing because it reminds him of you. This man won’t fool around and he isn’t a wild romantic dreamer either. He may well know your favourite perfume and what’s he’ll remember it in the years that come.

On the down side, he may be a man of few words and he can be extremely stubborn, also he is inclined to be materialistic. Despite this, he is as honest as the day is long, hard-working and a great provider. No one will ever treat a lady with more gracious consideration, despite their little faults and failings which other men would be likely to criticise. This man gives loyalty with a faithful heart.

There are signs to suggest that in 2016 Taurus man may have an infatuation with someone and that he could be deeply disappointed because he has put them on a pedestal. This is most likely to be a Fire Sign or Air sign lady. It is after this unfortunate experience that he will find true love and he’ll recognise it. As an earth sign, this man is most compatible with other Earth signs and also Water signs. There will be an instant attraction because he will know it and he’ll nurture and nourish this union with meticulous care and attention. You could be one lucky lady if you are his soul-mate.

Final Summary And Thoughts

Although he could be involved in setting up a new business this love year because Taurus man is someone who always plans for the future, he will not be affected unduly by small setbacks to his plans. His company will be convivial and he’ll be fun to have around. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body so you can expect to be treated like a real lady. Don’t take advantage of his generosity in a relationship if you’re not serious about him.

His finances may preoccupy him at the beginning of the horoscope year because there may still be debts to pay off from last year. Taurus man is usually a good manager of money. The good news is he’ll settle these debts and there could be additional income coming his way in the early autumn months. He is a good provider and he will earn an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s hard graft.

His health will be excellent in 2016 and he may seek out meditation my Taurus love horoscope 2016 tells me. Part of the secret to his good vitality is the fact that he will seek out rest and relaxation when he needs it. This is rest for the mind as well as the body. It is highly unlikely that this man will experience any health issues in 2016 and he could well keep himself in shape for you with athletics and other sports as his pastimes.

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