Sagittarius Love Astrology 2016 Insights

November 23 – December 21

Sagittarius 2016 Love Horoscope Zodiac Symbol Of CentaurThe Sagittarius male will face a turbulent year in 2016.He will look very closely and intensely at personal relationships and he may make some tough decisions based on this scrutiny. My Sagittarius love horoscope 2016 chart interpretation foretells that he certainly be a dominating presence and I foresee quite a few fractious times ahead.

Women often misinterpret the signals he sends out and think their relationship with him is more than it is. Thus, Sagittarius men are notorious for leaving a string of broken hearts in their wake. The odd thing is that he won’t enjoy being criticised by others and although he may appear to shrug it off, he may regret any decisions he makes this year at a later stage.

2016 is a time when a full commitment could be made in an existing partnership, or the Sagittarius male will end things quite suddenly and unexpectedly in his existing relationship. Knowing this male like I do, he will probably start again with someone totally and radically different to previous partners. This man never looks back. There will be little compromise and he will call all the shots, so if you don’t like his plain speech, it may be best to get out of his life before he causes havoc with your emotions.

If you are smart you won’t get caught by this man, rather you will keep him guessing. This means ignoring the rest of his adoring females and allowing him plenty of freedom in the relationship. He will be a big sports fan and will want his lady to watch all the big games with him on TV. He won’t respond to weeping or nagging, but he will like complete honesty. He doesn’t want a weakling, a shrinking violet, someone too shy or insecure, or some droopy woman on his arm without her own opinions. His idea of the ideal lady is someone who can hold her own in company, is bright, smart, intelligent and as energetic as he is. He wants fun and lots of it. He mixes with a fun crowd and it they are your kind of people too, this could be a match made in heaven.If you are a female who can give the Sagittarius male freedom to be what he wants to be, he may become yours for keeps.

In work, in 2106, he will be completely driven. The truth is, for health reasons, he may need to slow down a bit and try to give his love relationship a bit of TLC. Certainly the signs suggest he will be overly critical of others who offer advice and say outrageous things to them and about them, but this is simply his plain outspokenness. His plans may need some degree of modification in order to succeed, but there is a success at the year’s end and his brilliant networking and endless socialising will help to build that career.

While his career will be of paramount importance to him, in 2106, whether he likes it or not, he will need other people to help him achieve his aims. He may not have a lot of time for family members and he won’t love his blood relations unless they deserve to be loved. He would be foolish not to allow his family in closer, however, because in 2106 he could easily need their support.

He will be optimistic, always, as is his sunny nature, and consider that luck is always on his side, as well it may be in all business matters in 2016.Travel will be built into his career success this year and going abroad will refresh him and re-energise him. He will relish the opportunities to get out on the open road and use all his persuasive skills to negotiate good deals. He will be an expert at this though he may indulge in an occasional game of chance where the outcome of his actions is uncertain. There is a bit of a daredevil in him and this you will just have to live with.

He may begin some additional study and take extra courses though whether or not he will finish them will be another matter entirely. This is a man who could easily act on impulse and he is not for the faint-hearted.

Ideas To Ponder

The Sagittarius male needs to be careful with finances for he may overspend. He can be very generous, but also a bit foolish and careless with money. He will need to try to be more responsible, and not gamble this year. The potential is there to accumulate a lot of money, but all could be easily squandered.

The Sagittarius male health may be up and down in 2016, directly affected by the punishing work routines he, and only he has imposed on himself. Consequently, his stress levels may be higher than usual.

My Sagittarius love horoscope indicates the immediate turbulence of 2016 will ease up as time passes and his friends may comment on the new and improved person he has become. There is a strong likelihood he will move or upgrade his home in 2016 to something modern, flashy and with all the mod cons.

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