Pisces Relationship Horoscope 2016 Summary

February 19 to March 20

Pisces Love Horoscope 2016 Zodiac sign of the Fish2016 will be a time when the Pisces male will feel a real sense of achievement my Pisces Love Horoscope 2016 study shows. His social circle will grow and his confidence levels will rise too. It is a good horoscope year for the male of this zodiac sign in many respects. In 2016, he will enjoy a year when love, romance and commitment to existing partnerships will grow to a new level. 2016 is a great year for cementing an existing relationship and there is a very romantic time ahead for the Pisces male. There may even be a marriage proposal involved. These men are built for love-making. It comes as naturally to them as breathing. Consequently they sometimes go through life as dreamers, though a lot of them will achieve their dreams. This man has no prejudices and he will never judge.

For the single Pisces male, there will definitely be a new romance. He’s the sort of guy it’s very difficult not to fall in love with because he will as pliable and easy-going as you want him to be and he will soak up all your worries. He’s easy to lean on, maybe a little bit too easy. He can be very sensitive also and easily hurt. Certainly this man will be extremely popular in 2016 and he should be full of the joys. He is efficiently capable of seeing all the subtle characteristics in another, so much so that he can look right through the fairer sex to the other side. If you feel a blossoming spark for him, be warned, this man could easily break your heart for he can be everything you would want him to be as well as everything you don’t want him to be. Many of these men become writers, certainly he’ll have a way with words and he’ll be able to romance you to death with his flowery speeches and snippets of love poetry which he knows by heart.

The danger for the single Pisces man is that he will put someone on a pedestal, only to find out, in time, that they are, in fact, merely human like the rest of us. So long as he is not unrealistic in his expectations, he will certainly be happy in love in 2016. If he is unrealistic he could be very disappointed and unhappy. A Piscean male who is disappointed in love can easily become depressed. There are some signs that suggest the single man could be drawn back into the arms of a lover from the past but this would be an unwise move on his part and he would live to regret it. His focus should be looking to move on in life and not hark back to the past.

There will be real passion in the Pisces male this horoscope year. In the workplace or in business affairs, his lucky break is likely to happen. Career development will be excellent and for many there could be the chance of real advancement. If he works in a caring profession, or in the medical world, then the Pisces male could achieve something really special, which could make him worthy of public recognition. This acclaim comes very close to his heart. There will be good work-related connections and this is an excellent time for attracting others in to help.

His family may feel he is a bit neglectful of them in 2016. This is not the case at all. It is simply that he is so focused on his career this year, he has less time. The truth is he is embarking upon a new creative phase and he may well be forming many new and important business and professional relationships. For once, his family may need to step to one side and allow him the time and freedom to make these important connections.

2016 Closing Paragraphs

The Pisces love horoscope for 2016 indicates that income may be a bit erratic in 2016 and there may need to be some strict budgeting. If he can resist spending unnecessarily, this will make a big difference. There could be a few unexpected cash flow problems and large chunks of money may be needed unexpectedly. The Pisces male should avoid casual spending at the start of our 2016 year since things will pick up – providing he learns a few budgeting tricks. There will be enough money coming in to clear existing debts and by the close of the 2016 cycle and there could even be enough for some future speculation. This guy has much to look forward to this cycle.

The Piscean male’s health will be good with only a few minor problems in 2016, providing he makes the right choices in his diet and in a sensible daily exercise regime. There are astrological signs to suggest he could be afflicted by minor throat problems and coughs and colds in the cooler weather. Taking a Vitamin C supplement could be all that’s needed to put this right. For the best part of the horoscope year, he will be well and in fine spirits.

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