Libra Relationship Astrology – 2017 Summary

For the Libran man, my Libra love horoscope 2017 provides strong advice and in this year it is to expect the unexpected. There could be some very favourable things happening as well as less than favourable. Luckily this man is intelligent, witty, charismatic and charming enough to cope with whatever life throws at him, achieving a good balance in life, against all odds. He may need to make sure he spends sufficient time with family and friends this year since his work schedule is going to be hectic and he could be forced to work a lot of unsociable hours. My Libra love horoscope 2017 insight suggests that he may even use his creative talents in a particularly unexpected way.

Route To A Libra Man’s Affections

He will be open to new opportunities and that includes new friendships in the community. He will be admired for his logical well-balanced arguments, for his forthrightness, for his charm, wit and good humour.2017 is a year for new beginnings for the man born under the sign of the Scales as well as new adventures, new opportunities and for making personal decisions based on reasoned and logical arguments.

The single Libra guy is likely to be at his most irresistible in the spring and summer months of 2017. The art of lovemaking comes incredibly easily to this man, and even though he may have recently broken up with someone, he will move on relatively quickly. He is an undeniable flirt and very successful in romantic excursions. This, year, however, he could be in for a shock for he may come across a true and genuine love, one who could break his heart, if he’s not careful. This is the year for trying out new things if you are going steady with a Libra man. Some of you may think very seriously about starting a family and this year would be ideal, my astrological charts inform me.

If you are interested in being with this man, you must know he is capable of the most intelligent and beautifully articulated arguments and his smile can make your heart flip over. Be careful, however for this man can change his mind as quickly and easily without warning. He can sometimes get confused between love and friendship. It is an excellent year to propose to him. In truth, he finds it really hard to make up his own mind. He will more than likely be relieved to have found someone forthright enough to suggest settling down. Then the blame will be on their shoulders if things don’t work out.

In his career, my Libra love horoscope 2017 charts reveal this man is going to do well despite there being low levels of ongoing tension. The pace of work will be fast and furious and the Libra guy may need to go on new training courses to keep abreast of things. He could face many challenging situations this year though he is likely to make excellent business decisions and more than likely come out smelling of roses. He may be called upon to speak and communicate his ideas through presentations. Certainly, his social circle will widen this year and there will be numerous social opportunities where new friends could easily be made. I do foresee a sense of frustration about minor everyday niggles though if he keeps his eye on the final goal, the rewards he seeks will come. There could be a promotion at the end of the year.

If he has been prone to spend extravagantly in previous years, 2017 may be the year when he will have to keep a tighter control of his finances. The trouble is he could be drawn towards items of great beauty such as a piece of art (which will probably cost a small fortune)so you may have to remind him there are bills to pay and food needs to be put on the table. Luckily the Libran man is creative and artistic enough to turn a hobby he is passionate about into a money-making venture. Words empower him and, if need be, he may talk his way into making further income in 2017.

Libran men are usually blessed with a super toned physique unless they are over indulgent in the best gourmet restaurants. He has a taste for exquisite wines and is drawn towards the most expensive and the best. He will place great importance on being fit, eating the right diet, getting sufficient beauty sleep and doing moderate exercise. It is unlikely that he might be driven to excesses in 2017. This year he may choose to meditate, engage in mindfulness or yoga as a natural outlet for his psychic abilities which are extremely fine-tuned. For the man born under the sign of the Scales, my astrological forecast suggests he will need to maintain a careful balance between work and play, though all things are possible for the Libra man in 2107.

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