Libra Love Zodiac 2016 Thoughts

September 24 – October 23

libra love horoscope 2016 zodiac symbolFor the Libra male, it will be a golden year for love and romance my Libra Love Horoscope 2016 analysis shows. It will also be quite an exciting horoscope year with so many opportunities that his feet won’t stand still. If he is in a relationship that is not working, it should be an excellent time to cut ties and start fresh. The Libra male will not look back, for 2016 will beckon to him with a tantalising suggestive finger. New bonds could be forged this love year which could be life-changing. The Libran magnetism should be at its most powerful in the springtime and there could be countless opportunities for him to find a new love.

If you are interested in this charming man, it won’t be very easy to break away from him. He is capable of the most logical and intelligent arguments you could ever hope to hear and he can turn on such sweet gentleness that his frustrating inconsistencies will not seem to matter. An instinct for sanity keeps the Libra male mentally healthy and physically fit and his smile will make your heart turn over. The attraction of the Libra man is logical and real, yet a life with him will not be all sweetness and light.

The Libran male is liable to change his mind suddenly and without any warning. Having thoroughly charmed his lady into willing submission, he may then be unsure about what exactly to do next. He is forever speculating about the female sex since the art of love-making comes so effortlessly to him. As you may have guessed, there is a fickle side to his nature.

In their youth, Libran men do tend to trifle with the opposite sex. They sometimes confuse love and friendship. They dabble and experiment so much that often they get their fingers burnt. His ability to see two sides to any argument can be quite unnerving though his qualities of balance and harmonious judgement make him an excellent strategist. He is a very hospitable sort and in 2016 his social life could be sprinkled with intelligent and sparkling people who he can engage within the social niceties.

Thankfully 2016 is not going to be a confusing time for the Libra guy. However, if you want to marry, him I suggest you do the proposing since he will be very relieved to have found a woman who can take the imitative. You must be warned that he will blame you if things don’t work out for that is the perverse streak he carries in his nature.

In 2016 relationships with this male look to be solid and committed. He’ll be confident, optimistic and bright. Friends, family and new acquaintances will want to be around this man in 2016 for he will fairly ooze charm. He hates disharmony, but 2016 promises to be a zodiac year when things will, by in large, go his way. He will be one happy and contented bunny. By October, Libran man stands to be so strong emotionally that this is an excellent time to have another child if you are thinking about it.

2016 is also a bumper Libra zodiac year for his career for anything he embarks on in this period will advance his status and give him more recognition than he is used to. There could be lots of social interaction which will please him enormously for he thrives with people who both admire him and seek out his company. Although there could be some minor resistance to his thinking, eventually his path will lead to co-operation as well as to the achievement of great things. There may be some travel connected with work which will be extremely beneficial to him financially. He’ll be in a fantastic place to strike new deals and make maximum use of limited resources

The money will flow for the Libran man in 2016 and all his debts can be settled. Unless there are financial afflictions in his astrological chart to make him a tightwad, he will be generous and happily spend money on objects he considers beautiful.

2016 Closing Thoughts

The Libran guy is kind, gentle, fair though he can be argumentative, stubborn, philosophical, logical, yet indecisive. By the end of the year, Libra male may want to develop his property so as to increase its value substantially. Some Libran men may move house and make excellent choices in the location of a new property.

Physically Libra man will be in super-toned condition. He should encounter only a few minor ailments providing he doesn’t overindulge in rich foods. He will find the best quality food, served in the best restaurants very hard to resist and will be a true connoisseur of the most exquisite wines, so it will really be up to him not to overindulge. Emotionally he will grow in strength this love horoscope year and he’ll be exceptionally well tuned into people. His psychic strength will be at its optimum in the autumn months.

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