Leo Love Partnership Horoscope – 2017 Insights

Partnership Astrology For Leo in 2017In matters of the heart, my Leo love horoscope 2017 forecast foresees that this year may be a slow moving period for this male. There will be no rush to do anything quickly or without thinking carefully. This means it is most likely to be a year when friendships and relationships should intensify naturally and move forward on more solid ground to a deepening and lasting commitment that is meaningful to both parties. Certainly, it will be a very social year for the man born under the sign of the Lion. There will be lots of parties and social events and engagements which will mean great happiness and enjoyment for him.

Understanding the Leo Male In Love

Family relationships will thrive for this sign’s man. He bonds particularly well with youngsters and ties will be strong this period. The Leo man should feel happier in himself, whether he is the typical flamboyant male of the species or the gentler quiet guy. But remember, that whatever the outward portrayal of his character, underneath he will always be a smouldering fire of pride and dignity.

2017, my astrological charts tell me, is an excellent year for personal relationships to grow and develop even though this may be a gradual process. If you are currently dating this man, you can expect a very chivalrous and gallant suitor who will be tender, protective and affectionate. These males often ignite romantic passion very quickly, and then burn out equally as quickly. These are men who can be very easily and quickly seduced. If it all happens too easily and quickly it will probably not last very long. This year is definitely to be different and the love that develops will last. Deep thought, consideration and communication will fuel the fire of the Leo romance this year.

2017 is the year for getting more serious in a current relationship that may have started simply as a bit of fun. The male will feel a strong urge to start building for the future. It may be the right time to move in together, though nothing will happen immediately. For those who are married or seriously committed, it could be the right year to start talking about having a family and/or planning a pregnancy. It is a super year for a realistic assessment of relationships and what is needed to take things on to the next level. Certainly, there are likely to be major changes happening for the Leo man in both the romantic and creative areas of his horoscope.

This male has a basic desire to prove how irresistible he is to the opposite sex, so he needs a partner who understands this but can also soothe him with calm reason and reassurance when he blows things up out of all proportion. He is capable of roaring and raging when things don’t go his way and he needs a lady who can balance his irrational pride. In his mate, he looks for a lady who can put him first. He won’t accept any competition from another male. He makes an extremely capable and romantic husband who couldn’t be more kind or generous providing you are there for him at all times of day or night. My Leo love horoscope 2017 indicates this extremely strongly.

The male Lion is destined to have a very prosperous year. There will be new opportunities in his career. He will seize then and do extremely well. He may even push himself to over-achieve which will fuel the natural arrogance in his character. Despite adverse conditions, and difficulties, nonetheless the male Lion is set to have a very good year. He will schmooze with the right people and take centre-stage to ensure his seniors know he is dynamic and charged with enough energy and optimism to achieve all goals.

This is a lucky year for his finances too. He will learn to maximise his personal and financial resources. He could win some money or receive an unexpected windfall. Certainly, he will have more spare cash for spending. The Leo male may have a tendency to spend lavishly on loved ones and on himself. He should keep a watchful eye over credit cards spending particularly, and avoid taking out any more personal loans this year. I would not advise re-mortgaging this year either, despite the smooth talking of very persuasive mortgage lenders. The Leo male is not naturally budget conscious and can easily be tempted by expensive items. If he is canny, he could invest well this year and make a killing.

The Leo man could experience a both a rise and fall in his energy levels according to Leo love horoscope 2017 indicators. He should stay away from punishing exercise routines. He may need to keep to a stricter diet and eat the right foods. If he does get over-tired this year, it will be due to erratic sleep patterns. He could find meditation, Yoga or a course in mindfulness very beneficial.

Learning About The Male Through Astrology

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