Leo Love Horoscope 2016 Astrology

July 24 to August 23

Leo Love Horoscope 2016 zodiac symbolFor Leo males a bright, optimistic and positive period lies ahead this year’s Leo Love Horoscope 2016 suggests, 2016 has the potential to be full of promise and to achieve many things. There will be many and varied opportunities to form new relationships, though some of these relationships will be better than others. One of the weaknesses of this sign is that they can be easily seduced, and, if they are on the rebound, this could be a dangerous time for them. My interpretation shows that the best months for forming lasting and positive attachments will be in the late summer and early autumn months. Up until then, Leo man may indulge in some casual liaisons, some of which might be a bit unsavoury.

There are several reliable indicators in my astrological horoscope implying that the Leo man may indulge in sexual fantasies and escapades that are highly unsuitable in the early part of 2016. It could be that he is bored, or it could be that with love missing from his life he needs to find some sort of stimulation to compensate. He will not be particularly discriminating about who he has dealings with. This is a passing phase and merely a chance for the Leo man to prove again to himself, how irresistible he is to the opposite sex. The real danger here, that he will mix with the entirely the wrong sort of company and get stung.

This man is arrogant and many of them, though not all Leo men, are quite flamboyant in their style. While he can be a chivalrous and courtly suitor, beneath the gallant exterior lies a smouldering passion and an arrogant vanity ready to flame up and burn any female who thinks she can rule the roost. What he needs is a partner who can not only soothe and stabilise him, but also someone very accommodating who is happy for family life to revolve entirely around him. If you are a woman who can make Leo man feel he is at the centre of your world then this would be an enormously happy union.

The upside of living with the Leo male is that he can be as kind and as generous and as romantic as you please and he is more than likely to remain faithful once he is married since he will be too lazy to run around after pretty faces. He will be great at fixing things in the home and he may be talented in carpentry or some such practical skill so that your home could be filled with beautiful bespoke hand-crafted pieces of furniture, the envy of many.

If he is already married, this is a first class love horoscope period to have more children with the Leo male or to plan to have more in the future. He will have insatiable appetites once the plans are in place and I foresee some very romantic moments for married couples in the Leo male horoscope for 2016.This year will be particularly good for growth in personal life and there will be many new and unexpected opportunities to advance in life.

For the Leo male, 2016 promises to be a year when his natural helpfulness, supportive and generosity will come to the forefront. There will be much upgrading as income improves and money flows more easily. This won’t be at the very commencement of this new horoscope annual period, but later. Leo male will feel lighter and less burdened with things from the past. It could be the love year when the Leo male gets a lot of public recognition for work he has done. This will fan his ego enormously and he will be the most charming and lovable man on the planet.

In work the Leo man could easily take on more responsibilities. He will certainly be recognised for the valuable contribution he makes. He should take time to listen to his seniors who can pass on to him their most valuable life- experience as well as their expertise.

2016 Wrap Up

The Leo male could even move to a new company in work. Certainly there will be some movement within his career path in 2016.This will be good news for his finances may need some attention in 2016. The Leo man can be generous to a fault but he can also let money slip very easily through his fingers. He has expensive tastes and he may need to manage his finances in 2016 very carefully.

While he won’t enjoy budgeting, he will manage it though he could be drawn to buy some expensive luxury items that he could really do without. If he can curb his spending he will be in a much better financial place as he approaches the culmination of his zodiac year than he was at the beginning. There are signs of increased income anyway and some excellent opportunities for investments from September onwards. Up until then I would advise extreme caution and frugality.

The Leo male health horoscope suggests his health may need some attention in 2016. He may be a bit fragile or lacking in energy and stamina. His diet may need some adjusting but with an increase in vitamin intake, Leo male will perk up quite quickly. His constitution is normally quite robust so I am confident he will regain the good health he enjoyed for most of the last year.

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