Gemini Romantic Horoscope – 2017 Forecast

Gemini Romantic Compatibility Horoscope 2017 AnalysisMy Gemini love horoscope 2017 charts suggest this is a year when this male will be at his most flexible and accommodating. He will have more time than usual on his hands and he may choose to de-stress himself and live life at a slower pace for a while. He could easily turn his thoughts to upgrading his home or even buying another one. For those looking for romance with the Gemini man, the best idea would be to become part of his friendship circle. A new romance is highlighted in the summer months so my astrological charts inform me. If a new baby is born this horoscope year it could easily be born under the sign of Gemini. As always his mental energy levels will remain high in 2017 and he is likely to have more time to focus on the things he loves most. He could easily meet people this year who will become life- long friends.

Gemini Male Character Traits In Romance

In love, this man could be nervous this year. There is likely to be an instant attraction and a sexually passionate relationship which may make him feel wobbly. If you are already in a relationship with him, there could be an amicable ending with a mutual desire to start afresh and move on in life.

His is a naturally gregarious character with a tendency to be promiscuous in his younger years though this could be the result of some emotional scarring which has caused him mental distress. Above all he needs to be mentally stimulated, but be warned, his whims can change like the wind and his goals in life can also alter drastically. He has a restless unpredictable spirit yet can be a truly delightful conversationalist on any subject you may care to mention. He is great with youngsters also, and he will teach them many things very quickly, though he is not a routine man and will tend to spoil his own children while leaving the disciplining of them to his partner.

Gemini love horoscope 2017 insight informs me that this annual period is likely to bring advancement for the Gemini male though this will be more than likely happen through a sideline he has started up for interest, rather than through his main employment. His application and initiative are second to none. He is a very clever individual and full of surprises. There could be further study, travel and social networking which will all work to his advantage this horoscope year.

There could be some very careful re-planning of finances in 2017 which will mean a more stable and settled horoscope year than previously. For once this man will refrain from any form of risk-taking and he will make wise and sensible investments, staying away from the stock markets. He could take a long hard look at investments which promise to pay dividends in future years. His head will be planning for the longer-term not simply taking chances or following a whim. He is more than likely to make intelligent financial decisions which will bring predictable gains.

This man is two people, or maybe even more. One day he can be bright, cheerful, charming and charismatic, the next day he will cancel his date and when he eventually turns up, he will be mean, moody, critical and petulant. His moods can change like lightning yet he can charm the birds out of the trees if he so chooses. The Gemini man has a curious urge to fence with others verbally and disguise his real motives with dual actions. In general, he will seek to confuse people, yet he can be very direct and blunt so there is absolutely no doubt about what he means. The best bet for you, if you are intrigued by this guy is to go with the flow. Adapt to his changeability and match his mental wits. Then you will have a real union that will spin him around. One thing he fears is loneliness and being alone.

In love, the Gemini man will be very loyal and compassionate according to Gemini love horoscope 2017 alignments. Despite his changeability, he is capable of great tenderness. He will still flirt with attractive women, but he will rarely be dishonest in his actions. A woman who offers her man complete compatibility in a mental capacity need never fear any emotional or physical unfaithfulness. He will not take kindly to any sort of emotional blackmail nor to nagging which will drag him down. This man is unlikely to have a jealous bone in his body. Love is not a strictly physical relationship with him.

In 2017 the Gemini man would be wise to use any excess energy he has to keep fit and healthy. If his weight has become a preoccupation, he may be silly and choose faddy diets to lose the extra pounds. He may try having a go at fasting which will affect his good humour. Gemini will need to keep a positive mind and follow a sensible diet, and then all will be well. He may find music a relaxing pastime, either listening to it or playing an instrument. These males are often attracted to instruments with strings.

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