Gemini Love Horoscope 2016

May 22 – June 21

Gemini Love Horoscope 2016There will be many major changes in the love life of the Gemini man, my Gemini Love Horoscope 2016 charts show. It won’t be a turbulent year, but there are signs of some challenges and there will definitely be some shake-ups. Those in weak and faltering relationships will finally take control and end them. He’ll wonder why he has put up with such negativity for so long. Once the decision is made, he will sever all ties very quickly. Even if you thought you knew him really well, he may surprise you.

This should be the time for lots of platonic relationships which will suit the gregarious nature of the Gemini guy very well. It’s true that lots of these men can be promiscuous, yet this will only be the result of some deep distress where he make seek solace to get through the tangle of his messed up emotions. He seeks mental stimulation in his relationships since he feels more, sees more and feels more through his sense than other men do. Towards the end of the love year, there could be a new love in his life.

For those who are already married, then love and romance will flourish in 2016.This is an excellent horoscope year for more children or even more grandchildren. The best times for you as a couple will be in the early spring and late autumn months.

Gemini man is a restless unpredictable spirit and it’s true that if you are in love with this guy, you won’t be alone in the relationship for you will have at least two people walking with you and both of them will be him. It gets even more confusing than this for the dual nature of this zodiac sign’s male personality can combine two completely different personas.

If you are an Earth or a Water zodiac sign lady, this man is probably not for you. If you an Air or a Fire sign, he could be the perfect match. He can be a fascinating individual, intelligent, interesting, yet his whims may change at the drop of a hat and his goals in life may also change drastically too. He can be impatient, unpredictable critical, distant and aloof, and then the next day he will be the most exciting and charming man you have ever come across.

There will be great rewards for this man in the workplace in 2106 though he must take care not to be too impatient. His social networking skills are second to none and he must take care not to take on too much without first establishing a really solid foundation to build on.

Travel is highlighted in the horoscope for 2016 and the Gemini male will enjoy this enormously. He may need to tie up some loose ends before he takes on more responsibilities at work. Be sure that he allows sufficient time to relax and come out to play.

In 2016 he will bail out of a relationship he feels isn’t working but this will leave him free to meet new people, engage with them and make them laugh. He’ll be at his most charming in the late spring and early summer months. By then you will have fallen for him and you will marvel at the way he can make you relax in his company.

In love, this guy is tender, compassionate and full of dreams and hopes for the future. Many of them could be totally impractical, but that won’t alter things for you. Despite his changeability, this male is not fickle when it comes to real love relationships. Although he is certainly gregarious and he loves company, he is capable of great loyalty and great idealism. Try not to shatter his dreams if you want to keep him. He will not take kindly to constant nagging or to continually over-emotional scenes which will drag him down.

2016 Finishing Thoughts

In 2016, he is capable of earning really good money since he will be at his most persuasive and brilliant in the workplace. He must take care not to miss any of the smaller details in the fine print when he is striking up deals. His intuition will serve him well in 2016 and he’ll learn how to delegate tasks to others so that he can speculate and plan for the future. It looks to be a very bright future, so stick with him. He’s worth keeping.

Gemini male should encounter few health problems this year and it is a really good horoscope year to give up smoking and commit to a sensible diet. Water is highly recommended for the Gemini sign since its hydrates the brain as well as keeping the body in good working order.

Gemini man may seek out some relaxing activities himself, possibly involving music and playing an instrument. My Gemini Love Horoscope 2016 studies indicate that by the end of 2016 he will be in excellent shape, both physically and mentally.

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