Capricorn Compatibility Horoscope – 2017 Collation

For this male, the Capricorn love horoscope 2017 portents show this year is likely to be a year of greatest focus on work and career. There will be a success at the end of it through the sheer determination and effort put in by the man born under the sign of the Goat. Relaxation will be important for this man’s physical and mental health this year, and if you are the lady in his life, it will be important for you both. The danger is that he could get totally consumed by his work leaving little time for you, for anyone or anything else. This man might seem shy with a self-made brick wall around him, but underneath he is fiercely ambitious. My astrological charts suggest he will need to lighten up this year to avoid becoming overly pessimistic and/or depressed. He actually has a wry and dry sense of humour which you might need to tease out of him in 2017.

Capricorn Guy And Dating Him

His love life is likely to be quite steady in 2017 though he may need to come to terms with the faults and little short-comings of his partner. This works both ways of course. The man born under the sign of the Goat is likely to appear nervous in the company of the opposite sex. He is full of curiosity and sometimes an occasional hint at an off-colour situation could lead to him trying to conceal his embarrassment. In 2017, the mainmain focus is most likely to be on sharing enjoyable outings and experiences, days out, weekend breaks where he will show his caring, tender and compassionate side. To be honest, my astrological charts suggest this is not going to be the best year to plan for a family with the Capricorn male. It’s not that he isn’t lusty enough, far from it. It’s just that his head won’t be in the right place.

For the single guy born under the sign of the Goat, there culd be some serious self -evaluating going on. This male may need to focus on what is the most important to him and to discover what he really wants from a romantic relationship. He may need to work on his image and on becoming outwardly less serious. His personality could lack its usual sparkle in 2017 which is a pity because underneath the steady dependable exterior he thirsts for excitement and making his dreams come true. You should never judge this book by its cover. The Capricorn man is not naturally frivolous or shallow, but he may need to lighten up and relax before he is successful in love. My astrological charts suggest there are compatible people out there, perfectly in tune with this serious-minded guy. If you are interested in attracting him in, please note he has an eye for pedigree and perfection. He will take his time and look around very carefully. Try not to wear anything too gaudy and be sure to always say your “ pleases and thank yous". He will most likely look for someone who is going to be a good mother.

Unfortunately, his career will be his obsession according to the Capricorn love horoscope 2017 charts and he could possibly show signs of nervous tension, however, this man is full of creative ideas which could be well used if he is only confident enough to push himself forward and open up to seniors. His contributions and thoughts are likely to be very welcome. If work becomes his roller-coaster this year, then it will be your job to ease the tension and sleepless nights. If you can get the Capricorn man to obsess less about the minor details and focus more on the bigger picture, then things are more likely to work out positively.

He might pretend that he can live without compliments, but this is completely untrue. This is a man who desperately needs to be told how handsome and desirable he is. Only then, if you earn his trust will you see him really come out of his shell. He is a strong guy who will protect his lady, not a fiery or flamboyant lover. In many ways, he is a late bloomer. The Capricorn male will relax as he matures and become less stuffy and slightly foolish as he ages.

With all the hard work going on this year there will be considerable rewards and bosses and seniors will never guess that the Capricorn male lacks confidence and is filled with self-doubt. He will always give the impression of being in control, a dedicated and conscientious worker. Finances should also be part of his preoccupation this year. He may be more inclined to save more and make some changes to his spending. If his family need help, the Capricorn male will be the first one to dig deep. There could be some financial demands made upon him in the summer months this year.

Many Capricorn males suffer from ongoing skin complaints, my Capricorn love horoscope 2017 study indicates. He could need to be careful with his diet, avoiding spicy foods particularly.2017 is likely to be quite draining for him and he may feel his energy levels being sapped. He will have to be disciplined about taking exercise otherwise there could be unwanted weight gain. When he feels like sugary snacks he should avoid the temptation, instead eat more fruit. A regular sleep pattern will help to ensure his overall good health.

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