Capricorn Love Horoscope 2016

December 22 To January 19

Capricorn Love Horoscope 2016 Zodiac SymbolThere are astrological signs to suggest Capricorn man might want to take a fresh look at his life and alter it in some way in 2016. This year’s Capricorn Love Horoscope 2016 analysis strongly suggests the Capricorn male will enjoy a new sense of optimism about the future. He should finally move on from some of the heavy baggage from his past.

For Capricorn man, 2016 appears as a good satisfying romantic year when plenty of developments will go in his direction and will simply fall into the right place for him. If he has been keen on advancing in his career, as most Capricorn men are, then the senior position he has had his eye on for some time, will become his. There may be someone in authority who could try to put him off his stride but this will be a minor problem in the bigger scheme of things. He will gain a lot from finding ways to motivate and inspire his colleagues. He’ll be in the right place at the right time and able to talk to the right people. He may even upgrade his skill set and go on a few courses in 2016. His family will be extremely supportive and give him all the emotional support he needs to succeed. There will be less unexpected things going wrong this year and this will make him feel more settled.

There could be a re-structuring of the company he works in, but the changes will work in his favour. Things may move quite quickly, but this guy is a born survivor and likely to be one of the last people in the firm to be made redundant. 2016 promises to be a time when businesses will have to tighten belts, but Capricorn man will not be affected unduly. He may be involved in a power struggle with another colleague but all he will need is to be extra vigilant and this person will pose no threat to him in the longer run.

With regard to finances, there should be a similar upturn according to my Capricorn Love Horoscope 2016 charts. If he has lent money in the past, returns will come back to him in 2016 with interest. He may need to plan his finances quite carefully this year but by the end of the year his frugal living will have paid off.

His health will be in excellent shape in 2016 though he must watch his diet. There are indications to suggest he may suffer from some underlying skin complaint that will improve dramatically by eating the right things. He should avoid trying to carry over-heavy objects or he could succumb to some muscular strain that would be quite painful and take a long time to heal.

In matters of love, This man will not have to try so very hard. There are very strong indications to suggest he will find his special someone. Certainly there’ll be lots of opportunities to get out and about to meet new people. He will be more confident in his manner and his natural shyness will not hinder him so much. He is not a fiery lover who will court you with flowery speeches, but he is a strong guy who will protect his woman from all her feminine fears. He is a practical guy and he won’t leap into either business deals or into marriage unless he is fully prepared. He has an eye for beauty, quality and perfection, so if you are attracted and want ot pursue him, be sure that you match up. Don’t wear gaudy or garish clothes and know your manners. He likes a woman to be feminine and he will prefer someone who comes from a similar background and upbringing to himself. He will like a girl who has good manners, someone who isn’t flashy or too showy. You will have to be very respectful to his family to impress him further. He may seem slightly nervous and unsure of himself but he is unlikely to marry in haste.

As one of the most discerning of the twelve horoscope zodiac signs, Capricorn man will be equally discerning when he chooses his life partner. He is a late bloomer in many ways, and likely to be very serious in his youth. In later years, he will relax into his skin and become an adorable, witty (in a dry way) and loyal companion.

Final Summary

If you are already married to the Capricorn man, this should be quite a romantic horoscope year for you and you will strengthen existing bonds between you. You, of all people, will know he has a personally erected stone wall around him, but underneath he’s strong and tough. He will make you laugh with his dry tongue-in-cheek humour and shaggy dog stories and I see much humour and fun in this good love year. It is an excellent time for travel to romantic hot spots and if you are in a solid relationship with a man of this zodiac sign, 2016 would be the perfect point to plan for a pregnancy.

As a dad, he will be quite strict and he will both want and expect respect and obedience from his children. He will insist on routines and discipline. He has a strong sense of organisation and his dependability is without question.

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