Cancer Relationship Horoscope – 2017 Summary

The man born under this zodiac sign will be more spontaneous and confident than usual according to my Cancer love horoscope 2017 investigations. One bonus is his moods swings will be lighter, not so dark and depressing. He could possibly go through some of his crazy loony spells when he befuddles all around him. In close friendships and with loved ones, he is going to be highly protective, though he might experience some disappointment with a special relationship and there could be a parting of ways. This will not stop him meeting new people and developing his social life.

The Cancer Man Relationship Traits

The Crab male is most likely to attract new love into his life in the months of May, October, November or December. The single Cancer man will surely find a new and true love this horoscope year. If you are going steady with a Cancer man in a long-term partnership there could be wedding bells or news of a pregnancy. Certainly, there will be more passion and you will feel more confident about your relationship with him. Your self-doubt and insecurities will diminish this year.

If you have just met a Cancer guy he could seem quite shy and cautious at first. His manner will always be courteous and he is likely to be very polite .Be warned. He is not the easiest person to be with and you may never completely understand him. Beneath the crabby exterior and cantankerous moods there lies an extremely sensitive man. There’s also a soft heart beating that’s affectionate and sentimental. He will so cautious and sometimes his pessimistic outlook could depress you. Of one thing you can be sure, the Crab man will always be true to himself and despite his moods, he has a very vulnerable side. The Crab male makes an excellent parent and his family are very important to him. With children he will be extremely patient, kind and caring, solving their little problems and supporting them through thick and thin.

My Cancer love horoscope 2017 study informs me that this annual period could be the year when he might feel overwhelmed by the pressures of work. He will be extremely busy, attending meetings and travelling to different venues. He may have to travel abroad, but he will be so successful that seniors will sit up and take notice. Work could be slowly but surely taking over his world and this is where you come in. Although he will make an awful lot of cash this horoscope year, the nervous tension and related stress are real pressures he could do without, despite the financial rewards.

The Cancer male is driven by a need for security and making money and saving it will help soothe his jangled nerves. He has a shrewd sense of the value of cash and it may be hard to get him to part with it. He is destined to earn extremely well in 2017 and he might even analyse his profits and discover new ways of doubling returns. Cancer men often have a very creative side to their characters and he can be very innovative with his hard earned cash if need be. He could consider a joint-partnership or a new venture which promises high returns in 2017. He may also consult financial advisors before making his final decision.

If you are hoping to get married to your Cancer man you will already be aware of the very close bond he has with his mother. Cancer guys are the ones who often marry later in life since they will be reluctant to leave a home that is made so cosy for them by their mothers. There is almost a very close bond, either that or complete alienation. Either way, the relationship is never casual. This man will welcome being petted by females.

There could be some big spending this year for those born under the sign of the Crab. This is not usual, I might add. He may treat younger members of the family and/or make large donations to charities. If he falls in love this year he is likely to take his lover on a luxury holiday to a romantic destination. By nature, he is usually very thrifty and his money will never be wasted. However, he would rather buy something very expensive and buy once than drip feed money for smaller things. He will also have an eye for investment opportunities this horoscope year and is most likely to spend large amounts of money on items that will appreciate in value.

His fitness levels could be lagging this year the Cancer love horoscope 2017 analysis reveals. An individual Instinctively lead to caring for others, the Crab male may neglect himself. He really needs to do more exercise and his overall well-being and vitality would be much better catered for if he adopts a sensible diet. Getting enough sleep should help with the build up of nervous tension and he should find meditation relaxing.

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