Cancer Love Horoscope 2016

June 22 – July 23

Cancer Love Horoscope 2016 zodiac symbolFor a Cancer male, 2016 should be an interesting and diverse year I’m informed by my Cancer Love Horoscope 2016 study. It will begin with a period when love compatibility is quite poor, yet as the horoscope year progresses, there may well turn out to be a lovely new relationship that will bring its own surprises with it. I would suggest that this new relationship is based on friendship first and then it will develop very naturally into something quite beautiful and remarkable. He could meet his new lady through his work or some shared interest. Either way, the first time you meet him, you might well be attracted by his slightly shy but very courteous manner. He’ll be polite and courtly and so considerate.

Cancer men can take a bit of getting to know. You may never quite understand him fully. For one thing, there are the moods that fluctuate. Here today and gone the next. The Cancer male can be quite cantankerous at times, yet sad and wistful at other times. Then again, he can break into one of his loony moods and make you keel over with amusement. Of one thing you can be sure, this man will always be true to himself and beneath his crabby exterior, and there is a heart that’s soft, affectionate and full of sentiment.

2016 will be quite an optimistic year overall for the Cancer man. He may have to reveal more of his inner self than ever before when he has to speak openly about and express his views. While he will not be entirely comfortable with this, he’ll be more upbeat than usual and just get on with things. While he will want to cling to the past and will still cherish memories of his early life in the homestead, 2016 will see him in a more upbeat and outward looking frame of mind.

He will make new friends through his work and will co-operate with others alongside his colleagues in a big team effort to achieve results. Yet his mind will be focused on realizing one of his own career dreams that he has had probably since childhood. In 2016, all will be possible for the Cancer man.

In 2016, you may notice some changes in the personality of the Cancerian male. For one thing, he will be more energetic and outgoing than usual and this positivity will attract more positivity in. If you are new to the Cancer male, then don’t expect this man to bare his soul to you. As a Cancerian, he is among the particularly secretive signs and while he can be flirtatious and fickle one minute, he can also be very sensitive and loyal the next.

Budgeting comes naturally to this man and while his earnings will be good in 2016, he might limit his spending quite severely. By nature, he is the thrifty sort, and he won’t ever waste money. If this doesn’t sound much fun to you, then you may perk up when you know he has a keen eye for quality. He’ll take you to the best restaurants where you can be assured of the best choice, the best chefs, a superb location and all the trappings that go with a real classy establishment. He would rather buy an expensive car than waste money on something that will have depreciated to half of its value as soon as you drive it out of the showroom, so maybe this angle will put some perspective on his obsession with money.

There are big changes in his career in 2016 and it may cause him some problems when he feels he is losing control. Yet the changes will be for the better and providing he can execute his ideas firmly, success will be his for the taking. He is a born leader and others will follow him willingly.

He will need some emotional support when he’s going through these changes, so try to watch out for the signs; maybe he’s not sleeping, he could be restless and suffering from headaches or maybe he is more crabby than usual. Cancerian men sometimes use food for comfort so if he’s putting on a few extra pounds or drinking too much, then you could need to persuade him gently in order to avoid more unnecessary nervous tension. Things will work out for him though it may take a bit of time.

2016 Final Thinking

If you and a Cancer male are in a serious relationship, you will have a better understanding of his moods than most. The Cancer Love Horoscope 2016 charts show he can be at his meanest when he is afraid of losing something. Yet, he can also be tender, dreamy and romantic, then he’ll course through one of his loony spells and you will feel totally befuddled by him. 2016 will not be the best year to try for a child though conception should be easier in the late autumn months.

The Cancer man makes a fine parent, gentle, caring, sympathetic and understanding. His patience with the children will know no bounds and he will be genuinely interested in solving their problems and listening to their worries. The family is very important to him and he will always work hard to provide for them…even until his dying day.

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