Aquarius Love Horoscope 2016

January 21 – February 19

2016 Aquarius love horoscope symbolMy Aquarius Love Horoscope 2016 forecast shows that for the Aquarius (water carrier) man, the year looks like an excellent time to make new friends and form new relationships. Aquarius men and women love to have lots of friends yet where personal relationships are concerned they are often outwardly detached and very non-committal. This is a bit disconcerting if you are set on a mate from this zodiac sign. My forecast shows that these people are free spirits and they work very well as part of a team. In their lifetime, they can form many bonds with the most unlikely of companions. The odd thing about this man is that he really never forgets his very first true love. The detail he remembers about this liaison might make his current lady friend feel uncomfortable. If you can live with and accept this strange obsession then, believe me, he is more than capable of lasting happiness with another. He won’t dally with your affections or mess you about and should be loyal and true.

For the single Aquarius man, there are strong Love horoscope astrological indications that suggest one relationship will have to finish before a new one can begin. Such men always take romantic attachments seriously but in 2016 the male may be drawn to someone much younger in years. Ironically this person should be able to provide exactly what the he is looking for in terms of mental stimulation as well as physical experimentation. The male Aquarius emotions may well be set for a roller-coaster ride in 2016 if he is not careful as he accepts and recognises the power of the attraction he feels for someone in a different age group. Needless to say, he will want ultimate mastery of this relationship and success are his to be had in the long run.

This man is a very gallant suitor where the opposite sex is concerned; however he’s not the type to woo a lady with extravagant gestures. The girl most likely to capture his interest and to keep his interest is likely to be the one who can intrigue him and keep him guessing. If a female can ignore him and keep her own counsel, he will be absolutely tuned into her scent. Water carrier men can be quite touchingly docile and sweet, but underneath the calm surface lies complete unpredictability and he is quite capable of shocking actions.

My 2016 Love Horoscope tells me that he likes women who are able to hold their ground and he‘s not interested in someone too flighty. Besides, once he has chosen and won his conquest, he will then figure he can concentrate on more important things…perhaps all the social causes he is interested in.

Zodiac Aquarius men are notorious for not revealing their true feelings and yet his favourite pastime is to penetrate the feelings of others. His own reactions and motivations are complex and he is able to enjoy the fact that people find him difficult to fathom. He responds to unusually high ideals because of his rigid moral code. In many ways, he can be controversial, yet uncontroversial at the same time. His mind is forever analyzing others and he loves a puzzle. If you are attracted to him and you get involved with him, you can be sure that his feelings and interest will be sincere. He won’t be the easiest to live with but if you allow him to follow his dreams, he should be true to you forever.

There is a strong possibility of travel for the Aquarius male in 2016, to new and exotic places. Certainly there is an undeniable sense of togetherness with one special person and a desire to try out new experiences as well as do similar sorts of things together. He will play the long game in love, so don’t expect an immediate attachment or declaration of undying feelings for you.

A water carrier male is a team man. He works well in a group and he understands fair play in sports. He will have many and varied interests and he is likely to be the last person you would call narrow-minded. He may not fit the role of the best breadwinner in the universe, but he has an original mind and is capable of inventing something that will be beneficial to mankind.

There might well be changes in his employment in 2016, my astrological chart is telling me. This is a perfect year for new ventures and for great successes in them. Other people could be the key to the male success in 2016 and it looks likely to be a period of immense creativity for him. The individuals have a natural flair for problem-solving and original thinking and Horoscope forecasting suggests that 2016 could turn out as the perfect year to achieve his personal visions and dreams and make them a reality.

Closing Comments

For the married male, relations with loved ones should be first class and it could be the perfect horoscope year to plan a child. There will be much peace and harmony between the two of you and it is a time you will both appreciate.

The Aquarius male health could be under threat in 2016.Certainly he will need to have plenty of stamina to keep going but his energy levels may lapse as the love year progresses. The Aquarius Love horoscope reading confirms there could be a strong need to relax and take time out otherwise the male nerves might well become jangled. There could be stress headaches so meditation is my recommended therapy.

Aquarius Love Horoscope 2016 was last modified: September 2nd, 2016 by Marcus Lee