Aquarius Romance Astrology – 2017 Analysis

Aquarius Love Horoscope 2017 Zodiac Symbol The Aquarius man will not seem quite himself at the beginning of 2017.For one thing, he could be rather serious, withdrawn and unsociable, which is not like him at all. My astrological chart suggests there may be some problem in his family or domestic arrangements which he finds worrying. There could also be some unfinished business with an ex-lover that needs to be sorted out. Whatever the issue, if this outwardly detached and non-committal Aquarius male has caught your attention, you will not be going anywhere in a hurry.

Aquarius Man And His Nature In Love

This year the Aquarius love horoscope 2017 indicates this man may be facing some important considerations about his future. He may be looking for someone to settle down with, which should interest you if you are serious about him. He will want someone confident, not an air-head, but someone with their own opinions. He will also want a level of intensity in the relationship since he requires a meaningful union that will stand the test of time. He could easily be attracted to an older woman who is self-assured though he would need to be sure the person would ultimately submit to him.

For the single Aquarius guy, one of his habits is that he is likely to start dating the people he currently recognises as friends and there are quite a few of them. He has a natural intuition about people and he may move quickly along if he feels there is no connection or there is a basic incompatibility. If you want to keep his interest then you will need to keep him guessing and shroud yourself in mystery so that he can figure out what makes you tick.

I do foresee a romantic vacation for the Aquarius man in 2017, probably in the later summer or early autumn months. If he does commit to you, it is worth knowing that this man will be completely loyal and true. He is a charming, gallant and attentive suitor and you will be made to feel very special, though he may not produce many extravagant romantic gestures. He will be looking for a woman who can stimulate him intellectually as well as physically. At times he will be very sweet and docile, but do not be fooled for he is at his most unnerving and shocking when his behaviour becomes unpredictable.

This man has many friends, both male and female according to my Aquarius love horoscope 2017. He is an instinctive creature born with strong and accurate intuition. His friends mean as much to him as his family since they add a further dimension to life which makes it interesting. This man can feel things very deeply and in 2017, he will be more focused on relationships and making things work than anything else. There will be deep-rooted reasons for this, one of them being that he is thinking about the future and if single, he may want to start a family.

The Aquarian male will be focused on work in 2017 because he knows he needs to earn sufficient money to provide all the material needs a family should have. He is likely to propose with a touching sincerity that you may not have experienced before. Gone is the carefree, no strings attached attitude, only to be replaced with an honest trust and hope that future years will brings a settled, happy and peaceful existence with the woman he loves and is in love with.

The Aquarius man in love is quite a complex and original creature who may take a bit of getting to know. He can be both controversial and uncontroversial at the same time. He may play romantic games just to see if you are up to the challenge and he is unlikely to declare himself very quickly. He enjoys solving problems and his mind operates in a quirky kind of way. He has a strong sense of community and his humanitarian side will reveal itself more and more the closer you get to him.

This year his energy levels and vitality are good according to Aquarius love horoscope 2017 portents. You can be sure he is not in the mood for any dalliance or toying with people’s affections. Although he is a free spirit he will be completely true to you once you commit yourself to him. He won’t be particularly easy to live because he responds to such high ideals and there will have to be a lot of compromises, but he will want to follow his dreams with the woman he loves at his side. If he has detachment issues, which most Aquarians do, then allow him the space he requires and all will be well.

Zodiac horoscope analysis shows there will be some travel this year for Aquarius male which is connected with work but his usually boundless energy could be slightly depleted .He may get tired more easily and quickly than he usually does. He needs to continue to exercise regularly and keep to a sensible diet otherwise he could put on unwanted weight which will be hard to shift. If he is drawn to vegetarian foods, try to avoid over-use of seasoning, particularly salt. Watch out for back troubles and make sure there is sufficient time to rest and relax.

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